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HC Past Series

7.21 Awakenings – 8/3/05

Mark decides to leave Holby City as it is obvious that Tricia does not want him around, and Chrissie is coming round to her mum’s way of thinking. After dealing with a patient whose parental situation mirrors her own, Tricia changes her mind and tells Mark he can stay – Chrissie can make up her own mind. Mark pleads with Chrissie to let him stay and prove himself as a father.

Donna goes for a job at the bar and gets Mickie to help her by lying and telling the manager, Jodie, that she has bar experience, which she hasn’t.

Meanwhile, Mubbs has assumed that he will be Owen’s best man and Owen tells Diane that he does not want him as his attitude is annoying him. Later, in the bar, Mubbs apologises to Owen for being in a mood but says that being left by Rosie has affected him. Owen relents and tells him he can be best man.

Jess realises that being a single mother will be hard and, when Sean asks if they can try again as friends, she readily accepts.

A pregnant woman, Julie, is brought in by the father of her baby, Vince, after collapsing. She has a heart condition, and her current partner, Paul, is not thrilled with her risking her life for the sake of the baby. Will and Mubbs take her in for an operation, against Connie’s knowledge and deliver a baby boy that dies. It is later discovered that Paul deliberately mixed up her medication leading to Julie’s complications.

A woman, Louise, comes in after having been electrocuted. Her ex-fiance pays her a visit and she discovers that her mother paid him off so he’d leave her. At first Louise refuses a life saving operation, but after more discussion with her ex, she decides to go ahead.

16 year old diabetic, Robert, has a serious foot injury but refuses to be treated till his foster mum arrives. She is at the end of her tether with him, after he started a fire that killed her husband. A distraught Robert, unable to cope with the guilt, collapses in the toilets and is later rushed to ITU.


* Julie Mallinson – pregnant with a heart condition. Baby dies.

* Louise Blackdale – electrocuted.

* Robert Hopkins – foot amputation and diabetic collapse.

Notable Facts

* Catherine Walker plays Jodie Maxwell.


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