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HC Past Series

7.46 Thinking Outside the Box – 30/8/05

Episode Summary

Chrissie questions Frank’s cause of death as septicemia which is listed on the death certificate. After investigating, she is shocked to discover that Frank had MRSA. She confronts Connie. Michael tries to defuse the situation by deciding to call an emergency board meeting. Connie is not happy about the cover up but asks Michael to stand by her like she did for him. But at the meeting Michael betrays Connie and calls for her resignation. Connie gets more than she bargained for when she later finds Michael kissing Chrissie in her office – in typical Connie-style, she walks in and back out the office to collect her keys, without saying a word to the fumbling pair.

Tricia is struggling with keeping her dark secret and tells Lisa she no longer wants the paternity test as she wants the matter buried with Frank. As well as us seeing a conversation between Tricia and the ghost of Frank, one of Frank’s old friends makes it clear to Tricia he knows the truth but says he will keep it to himself. Frank’s funeral, in the afternoon, fails to bring the Williams family closer together and Mark storms off, losing his temper with Tricia when she pulls faces during a reading and when she later tells him ‘I hope he rots!’.

Jess is back at work and has baby Paris in a creche. Zubin urges her to stay at home longer, but she is adamant at returning to her job. Jess treats a patient, Joyce, who has collapsed with breathing difficulties. Joyce has been looking after her wheelchairbound friend, Eleanor. As she tries to discharge herself, she collapses – Jess notices Eleanor is able to walk without the wheelchair! Confronting her, she admits she was lonely so hadn’t told Joyce she had fully recovered. Caught up in the case, Jess forgets to pick up Paris, leaving Zubin to be called out of theatre to collect him. He is furious at Jess. Lola realises she is still struggling with motherhood and advises her to talk to Zubin.

Elsewhere, Mubbs is put out when he discovers Owen has arranged a consultant from St James, Andy, to help out in his absence. They get off to a bad start but as they treat patient, Eve, they come to respect eachother and he asks Mubbs to consider a post at his new clinic. Eve, is 28 weeks pregnant, and they discover her baby is anaemic. They decide a transfusion for her baby is needed, but after the procedure her condition worsens and they give her a c-section. They deliver a baby girl, but Eve suffers a bleed. Mubbs is slightly panicked, but refuses Andy’s suggestion at a hysterectomy and manages to save Eve.

Clairvoyant Jimmy is brought in with leg and rib injuries after falling from his roof. Jimmy tries to tell Tricia and Mark about Frank. Jimmy has also been suffering dizzy spells but puts it down to his psychic abilities. Connie tells him that he infact needs a pacemaker fitted. During the operation, Jimmy has an out of body experience but is saved.


* Jimmy Chapman – falls from roof and suffers leg injury and fractures rib. Also has pacemaker fitted when they discover his heart problems.

* Eve Stoddart – c-section to deliver baby girl. Suffers complications.

* Joyce Harris – breathing difficulties.

Notable Facts

* Frank Mills plays Frank Williams.

* Ace Bhatti plays Andy Fishman.

* Jane Lowe plays Joyce Harris.

* Connie was not happy at having to cover up the MRSA scandal, ‘I hope this doesn’t come back to haunt us,’ she says shortly before being forced to resign.

* Clairvoyant Jimmy was unsure at having a pacemaker fitted. Connie tells him ‘You’ll be visiting the other side on a permenant basis if you don’t have the pacemaker fitted!’

* Before the board meeting Connie tells Michael ‘I stood by you – I expect you to stand by me!’


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