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HC Past Series

7.13 Actions Speak Louder – 11/1/05

Episode Summary

Jess is still reeling from the news that Zubin is the father of her baby. She does not want an abortion but tells Mickie she feels it is the only option open to her. Sean tries to talk to her and tells her if will support her but she avoids him throughout the day. Ric is still angry with Jess after her revelation last week but Diane and Sean persuade him that she had his best interests at heart. Later, Ric apologises to Jess and tells her he wants to spend more time with her. However, he is angry when Jess interferes in a patients love life. Jess tells him she needs to talk to him about something but he says he is not interested. At the end of his shift Sean finds Jess outside on a bench. She tells him she tried to go for an abortion but could not go through with it after her last experience two years ago. She tells Sean that she is not ready to be a mother and she will have to go ahead with the termination. Sean begs her not to and tells her to move in with him. He says that he was fostered from the age of three and wants to have a real family and be a father to her baby. They hug and Sean promises he will be there for her.

The canteen staff are on strike in protest at Will’s behaviour last week. Connie tells Will she has arranged a meeting to resolve the situation. Will tries to talk to Maureen, the cashier he offended but they remain at odds with each other. Later, the matter is still unresolved when Will refuses to apologise in the meeting. Connie ends the discussion by saying she will take the matter to a higher level. Will examines a patient called Brian who quizzes Will on the strike and his opinions of the hospital. Brian discharges himself before Will can look at his test results. When he sees Brian has a life threatening condition he goes to find him outside and tells him he needs emergency surgery. Connie tells Will she has had a call from the Holby Gazette – Brian is a journalist who has written a front page article about Will’s opinions. When Brian comes round he is grateful to Will for saving his life. He apologises for writing the story and guarantees Will his right to reply. Will tells Connie but she says he cannot get involved and must keep a dignified silence – she tells him she is suspended.

Mubbs is still looking after Rosie’s children whilst she is in hospital. She tells Owen she misses the girls and wants to go home. Owen says she is not ready yet but Mubbs convinces him by saying he will stay in Rosie’s spare room and bring her straight back in if she is unwell. As they are walking to the car Rosie begins to bleed and collapses in agony. Owen examines her, the scan shows the baby is a boy. Rosie tells Owen that she regrets missing Jim’s funeral and that she will go and pay her respects to him later – without Mubbs. Rosie starts to bleed again and Owen is forced to perform an emergency caesarean. The baby is put in an incubator with Rosie and Mubbs by his side. He is weak and Owen tells them that he cannot breathe without the ventilator – he passes away. Rosie tells Mubbs that she does not love him anymore – her feelings changed when Jim died. Mubbs is shocked but Rosie says that Jim showed her she deserved more. She says that Mubbs is second best and she cannot be around him as there is a chance she could take him back. Rosie says she never wants to see him again and she will arrange a transfer to another hospital. An angry Mubbs asks Owen why he did not tell him about Jim. Owen says he did not want to get involved as Rosie and Mubbs are both his friends. Mubbs is devastated.

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