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Cas Series

S13 E23

S13 E23 (6 Feb 99) : Mother’s Day by Christopher Reason

Episode Summary

Ruth Reynolds leaves her baby with her adoptive mother Angela while she goes to meet her real mother for the first time. Angela has chest pains which get worse. She calls a taxi to take her to A&E. George thinks she is a suitable guinea-pig for the MI screening which she and Max are working on; she starts to ask her but Angela has a cardiac arrest; they shock her and her heart starts again and she is taken to resusc. Tina calls Ruth on her mobile and Ruth comes in, together with Marie, her birth mother. Angela improves and is waiting for a bed in CCU. When Ruth arrives Angela is worried that she will think she did it on purpose to interrupt her meeting, but Ruth does not think anything of the sort. Angela asks how it went with Marie; Ruth tells her it was OK and not to worry. George asks Ruth if they can try out the screening on her mother; Ruth says no before she gets chance to explain that it only involves tests on the blood they have already taken. Ruth says she doesn’t want her mother put through anything else. Marie leaves, leaving a note with Eve for Angela. It says that she would like to meet her sometime but today isn’t the right time; she thanks Angela for doing such a good job of bringing up her daughter. Ruth eventually changes her mind about the screening when she realises that it wouldn’t involve anything but tests on the blood they’ve already taken. Eve tells George, who’s upset because it means her staying behind and missing Tom’s parents’ evening. She phones her mother and persuades her to go instead, telling her to write down everything.

Josh and Penny go out to an RTA. Gareth Mullins, a fireman, is cutting up the remains of a car to clear the road when he slips and slices through his own leg. He is taken to A&E in a bad mood. His parents come in to see him; his father, a station chief, is more concerned about how it will look on his record than anything else.

Gareth’s girlfriend Paula arrives; they tell his mother June that she is pregnant. June looks really upset and walks off. Gareth’s hand keeps shaking; Marius, who’s there cleaning, notices and mentions it to Sean who snubs him. Eve rebukes Sean, who asks Max for a second opinion. They ask about the shaking: whether Gareth drinks or takes any drugs; he doesn’t. Sean thinks the symptoms point to Huntington’s disease, but since it’s hereditary and neither parent has it he decides it can’t be. He refers Gareth to Neurology but is worried that he won’t go. Max tells him to leave it, as it isn’t their problem. June talks to Sean and asks if it could be Huntington’s. She says that she was pregnant before she got married; her husband always thought Gareth was his own son. She says Gareth’s real father had Huntington’s. Now Paula is pregnant there’s a fifty-fifty chance that the disease will be passed on to the baby. Gareth is not told any of this, but he agrees to go to keep his appointment with Neurology. Sean is upset; Eve tells him that since she came back she’s seen a change in him: before he didn’t care, now he cares too much. She says he needs to learn to get the balance right, but says he is learning.

Eve is looking after Ruth Reynolds’ baby. Marius comes up and asks if she never wanted children of her own. Eve says, “Wanting and having are two different things, aren’t they, and after a while you learn not to want ’cause it only leads to disappointment.” Marius kisses her on the cheek; she backs off, surprised. When he says sorry she says it’s all right and asks, “Why did you have to be such a nice man?” Marius later asks her if she wants to go somewhere for a meal; Eve suggests she goes home and gets changed and they go somewhere nice, then says it’s silly as she hasn’t got anything to get changed into. They decide just to go to the canteen.

Tina asks Sean what he’s doing tonight, he says he’s washing his hair. Tina is angry with him for giving her the brush-off so when Sam asks her to go to a jazz concert with him she agrees. Later Sean asks her out, saying he was only joking before; she agrees and has to turn Sam down. Sam asks Charlie if he’s at a loose end as he has the tickets. Charlie says he knows the band and asks, “Why do you think they’re giving tickets away?” Sam turns to Sunny.

Charlie asks Josh and Penny to take home Agnes Spencer, an old lady who lives alone. While they are waiting Penny goes on at Josh for looking at the racing pages of a paper. Josh tells her she doesn’t understand, then when she asks he tries to explain. He says he feels dead inside; the only two things that make him feel alive are going out to a big emergency or seeing his horse win. They take Mrs. Spencer home. She talks about her son who lives in Edinburgh; it sounds like he neglects her but she doesn’t want to think he does. Josh and Penny go into her flat to get her settled in; Josh opens the fridge to check she has some milk and sees bags full of money in there. She tells them there’s £10,000 there, her husband’s life insurance. She doesn’t trust banks or building societies with her money and she won’t spend it because she wants to leave it to her son.

Penny drops off Josh at his GA meeting. A woman calls over to him when she sees him; her name’s Yvonne and they met at the meeting last week. They go in. She asks Josh if he’s going to do it; he says he’ll feel too much of a pratt, but she tells him once he’s up there saying it it’s the most fantastic feeling. Josh stands up and announces “My name’s Josh and I’m addicted to gambling.” He gets a round of applause.


Angela Reynolds – chest pain

Gareth Mullins – a cut to his leg

Agnes Spencer

First Scene/words

[Penny and Josh are in the ambulance, it’s dark & raining heavily outside.]

Penny: Do you know how bad it is?

Josh: Yeah. Turn right here.

Penny: Nice day for it.

Josh: So much for a quiet shift.

Penny: Oh, I know.

Josh: I bet a lot of people round here are wondering what they put on ther cornflakes this morning…

Last Scene/words

[George is on the phone.]

George: Mum, I know it’s short notice but I’ve been given a really important job to do at work and I can’t back out of it….thankyou. Listen, will you write down anything teacher say in case you forget? Great. Listen….is he there? Can I have a word with him?…. Hello stinker, are you alright?… listen, I’m sorry I can’t make it tonight…

Review by Alison

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