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Cas Series

S10 E20

S10 E20 (27 Jan 96) : Asking for Miracles by Joanne Maguire

Episode Summary

Clive Wingate is at work on a building site and spends most his time asking everyone to play with him on the lottery. He goes to put all his money on a horse race even though he knows that his wife has some debts to pay and the money would be more than needed elsewhere. He is then sitting in his excavator, listening to the race over the radio. When he hears that the horse he has put all his money on loses, he gets mad and starts moving some concrete, without noticing that Kevin, one of the other men working there, walks in front of it. Kevin gets hit and is taken into A&E with serious injuries on his legs and a huge bloodloss and does not make it in the end.

Fiona Cox is going to work with her boyfriend Marty. They have been partying all night and Fiona is not feeling that well, but thinks it is hangover. It has not gone that well for their company the last quarter and Fiona is having a presentation of the sales figures in front of the staff, when she all in sudden starts vomiting blood. She is brought in by ambulance and some tests are given. It looks like the problems are due to her lately having drunk too much alchohol and she tells Marty that they have to stop partying and drinking so much and just spend some nights at home every now and then. Marty does not know if he can stop drinking, but he decides to give it a try.

Olwyn Humpries is at home with her teenage daughter Carmen when her husband comes home with their caravan and says that they are going to move and start living in the caravan again, travelling around the country. Carmen, however, goes to school, saying she does not want to move. Neither does Olwyn, but her husband insists and they start packing up their stuff and drive to school to pick Carmen up. When she does not want to come with her father, he forces her to come into the caravan. Olwyn, upset by this, jumps out of the caravan and is going to help her daughter, but Olwyn is blind and cannot see the door of the caravan that quickly hits her in the forehead. Kate and Baz examine her and they get to know that she has been blind for a couple of years, having thought it is because of diabetes. In the end it turns out that she does not even have diabetes, but only cataract, which easily can be fixed.

Peter Hayes comes to talk with Charlie. He wants to asks Charlie what he should do about Baz, since she does not seem to want anything to do with him. He asks if he knows what is wrong, since he must have noticed something was the matter with her. Baz walks into the office and Charlie prepares to leave the two of them on their own, but Baz says he might as well stay since it involves him too. Baz tells Peter about her and Charlie having had an affair and that their marriage does not work. She also reveals that she is pregnant and an angry and upset Peter thinks she did it because he could not have children.

After a meeting, Mike finally gets enough of everyone backing up Henry Reeve-Jones and no one wanting to be the first to stop Henry. Mike decides to resign and if Baz agrees to act as a locum he is free to go immediately. He says he is going to go to Africa with Doctors Without Borders and he asks Rachel to join him.

In reception, Matt keeps getting phone calls from Tim, who wants to talk to Rachel. Eventually he seems to understand that she does not want to talk to him, so he stops making the phone calls. However, after a while, the paramedics bring Tim in. He has taken an overdose of Paracetamol, but can be saved. When Baz suggests he should try to talk to someone and get some help, he says that no one else than Rachel can help him.


* Olwyn Humpries – gets a cut in her forehead, thinks she is blind but actually she only has got cataracts.

* Kevin Byers (19) – abdominal and pelvic injuries after having been in accident on building site.

* Tim – overdose of Paracetamol.

* Fiona Cox – vomiting blood because of too much drinking.

First Scene/words

Mike and Rachel are leaving for work, carrying some stuff into Rachel’s car.

Rachel: Sorry about all this.

Mike: No, I’m glad to be some use.

Last Scene/words

Tim: You’re the only one that can help me.

Rachel runs out of the cubicle, followed by Baz.

Baz: Are you alright?

Rachel: Yeah… Can’t you do anything?

Baz: If he doesn’t want help, he can’t be forced.

Tim (shouting from the cubicle): Rachel! Rachel! RACHEL!

Rachel runs away.

Notable Facts

* Ash’s father is called Franklyn Ashford and he is played by Oscar James.

* Holly Davidson playing Carmen Humpries.

Review by Karin.

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