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Cas Series

S10 E21

S10 E21 (3 Feb 96) : Subject to Contract by Gillian Richmond

Episode Summary

A girl working her first day at an old people’s home has been asked to take Wilfred White, a lively 83-year-old man, to the hospital for an x-ray. He asks her to get him a cup of coffee, but when she returns he is nowhere to be found. On her search for him she eventually gets down to A&E, where Rachel tells her that he has died, either of a heart attack or a stroke.

Helen is having a go at her girlfriend Pam, because Pam has broken the rules they set up, by contacting Phil, the father of Pam’s young daughter with Immunodeficiency Disease, thinking he had a right to know about the disease. Pam storms out of the café and does not see a motorcycle coming down the street and gets hit by it. She is brought into resus with serious pelvic injuries and it seems unlikely that she will be able to donate bone marrow to her baby. Since there are no other close relatives, Helen reluctantly realises that contacting Phil and asking him to come to hospital is the only way to save the baby.

William Harrison is a 19-year-old boy who recently has started acting strangely. In the middle of the night he goes outside, dressed up only in boxer shorts, to run around in the forest. He, however, sprains his ankle while doing so and in the morning her parents take him have his ankle checked. It seems to only be a sprain, but there is something else wrong with him as well. William seems to think there is a conspiracy against him and, using a knife, he takes his mother and Kate hostage in the cubicle. All the other cubicles are cleared and William tells Kate about voices inside of his head constantly telling him what to do. When the Police is not doing anything, Trevor storms into the cubicle all by himself and frees Kate and William’s mother.

Jude catches Daniel taking antidepressants. Daniel tries to convince her that he has not prescribed them for himself, but Jude is still worried about him and his sudden mood changes. Jude asks Baz if she has noticed something strange with him, but does not get around to tell her about the antidepressants. Baz blames herself for not having looked better after him, since he is her responsibility, but Charlie says that the problem is that Daniel should not be working there in the first place.

Ash and Laura are inviting everyone to the pub after the shift and they are planning to tell everyone about them getting married. However, everyone finds out already during the shift and the news makes Rachel realise that she wants to join Mike in Somalia and they both leave Holby.


* William Harrison, sprained ankle, takes his mum and Kate hostage.

* Pam, the mother of a baby with Immunodeficiency Disease, gets run over by a motorcycle.

* Wilfred White, an old man who dies of a heart attack or a stroke.

First Scene/words

A man is driving along a street in a suburban area and stops by one of the apartments, checking on a paper if the address is the right one.

Last Scene/words

Mike and Rachel are outside the pub where Ash and Laura are going to tell everyone about the two of them getting married.

Jude: Hey you two, you coming in?Rachel: Tell Ash we’ll be in a minute.Jude: Okay.Rachel: Okay.Mike: Well….Rachel: I don’t want to.Mike: Too many explanations?Rachel: Mm… Smiles…Mike: Raised eyebrows…Rachel: And I’ve always hated goodbyes.Mike: Me too.

Mike raises Rachel into his arms and kisses her.

Rachel: Put me down.Mike: Yeah, come here.

Mike starts chasing Rachel down the riverside.

Notable Facts

* Mike and Rachel leave Holby to work in Somalia for Doctors without Borders.

(Review by Karin)

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