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HC Past Series

S5 E11

s5e11S5 E11 (17 Dec 02): Sinners and Saints by Chris Webb

Episode Summary

The episode starts off at an alcoholics meeting, where Tom stands up and introduces himself and says he’s an alcoholic. He’s obviously been finding it quite hard that he put his brother in prison, as he later reveals to Ed. Kath and Chrissie, however, are gossiping away about their looming marriages. Chrissie is showing off her expensive engagement ring to anyone and everyone.

Ed asks Chrissie if she’s happy, and she says that she is. She’s made her decision, and it’s over between Ed and Chrissie. Meanwhile, Kath goes to see the new hospital chaplain. He says that God wouldn’t recognise her wedding with Terry because she’d been divorced before. Kath’s faith clearly means a lot to her and she doesn’t want to turn her back on her faith, but she also doesn’t want to lose Terry.

Sandy and Sean are looking like love’s young dream, but his gran is convinced that he’s just using her. Sean wants his gran to sign over her house to him so he can use the money for her care, and Sandy helps to persuade her. Eventually, his gran agrees, but when she asks if he actually has any intention of spending the money on her, he replies that he doesn’t.

A friend of Tom’s has turned up needing an operation. It soon becomes evident that Tom had a fling with the patient’s wife, and she’s still critical of his behaviour towards her. Tom is obviously strained, and despite Ed’s attempts to keep him cool, almost stresses out in theatre. Once out of theatre, however, Andrew (the friend) confides in Tom that he knew about the affair but said nothing because he didn’t want to lose Eva. However, Andrew has to be rushed back to theatre and unfortunately dies. After a final stinging summary of Tom’s character, Eva says that at least Andrew died thinking she was faithful. Little does she know…

Kath speaks to the chaplain again, after he uses similarly harsh words to a patient as he did earlier to Kath. He drops Father Michael’s name into the conversation, and Kath realises that he’s punishing her for what happened with him. Kath says that the God she knows is one of love and compassion, and that’s what she believes in.

Sandy wins £250 in Mubbs’ raffle, and Tom ironically wins a bottle of whiskey. She wants to take Sean out to celebrate, but he’s just discovered that he can’t spend much of his gran’s money without her agreement. He pushes her into sleeping with him, and then leaves – after taking £200 from her winnings.

Tom sits and stares at the whiskey he won in the raffle. Eventually he opens it up but pulls himself back, throws the bottle in the bin, and walks out. Are Tom’s alcohol problems over? What’s more, do we really care?


– Angela is brought in with a suspected ectopic pregnancy but it turns out that the baby is fine and it’s apendicitis, The operation goes safely, but Angie admits to Kath that it’s not her husband’s baby. She wants to have an abortion but as it is against her faith (she’s Catholic.)

– Andrew, the husband of Eva who had an extra-marital affair with Tom. Despite Tom’s best attempts, he arrests and dies.

– Minnie, the grandmother of Sean (Sandy’s girlfriend) on Darwin with a lung infection after a stroke.

First Scene/words

[Tom is at an AA meeting and a man is speaking]

Man: I’ve lost count of the number of Christmases I’ve spoiled for my family. But it’s just totally different now. Playing Santa and watching them unwrap their presents. Joining in. Being part of the family again. One wrong step and I’m back where I was five years ago.


Last Scene/words

[Tom is sitting in his office, watching a bottle of whiskey that someone had given him for Christmas. He opens it and and smells at it, trying to fight the temptation to drink it. Quickly, he gets up from his chair, bins the bottle and walks away.]

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