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HC Past Series

S5 E15

s5e15S5 E15 (14 Jan 03) : Me and My Gal by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

Tom walks through the ward and hands Ed a wrapped present. He jokes that Ric’s dressed rather well and asks him when the job interview is. Ric reminds him firmly that it’s the day of Terry’s funeral. Ed opens his present in Tom’s office, and thanks him for the rare medical book. Tom says that he owes Ed a lot and it’s a thank you and apology present. Tom places a pill in his mouth, but as soon as Ed leaves, he takes it out and downs lots of glasses of vodka.

Kath receives a letter from Terry’s solicitor which states that his will was void and she’s entitled to the first £125,000 of his estate. Kath feels bad and says she doesn’t want to accept it and the money should go to Lisa. She tells Danny that Terry wanted to choose when he died, and she helped him.

Ric and Diane are operating, but the patient is having serious cardiac difficulties – so Tom is called in. Sandy stumbles in on him drinking, but doesn’t see anything – though he still reprimands her. In theatre, Tom collapses – blood pouring from his mouth. Diane puts him on a trolley from which he successfully instructs Ed on the procedure that needs to be taken, saving the patient’s life. Ric tells Tom that he has to operate, and Tom snidely wishes him luck and says that now would be a good time to go up for the clinical director’s position.

At the funeral, Kath is awkwardly called upon to make a speech. She says that she didn’t have much time with Terry, but still loved him. Lisa discovers she will inherit little money from her father, and gives Kath an evil look. Sheila gets drunk at the funeral and embarrasses Lisa, before saying that the whole funeral was a cheap affair. When she finds out that Lisa won’t be getting the money, she calls Kath sly for marrying him knowing he was going to die. Kath tells Danny she feels guilty for not giving Lisa a chance to say goodbye, and Danny looks shocked. Has he worked out what his mum has done?

Ric notices fat deposits on Tom’s liver, which can only have resulted from excessive drinking. He confronts Ed and says that he’ll report the pair of them to the medical director. Ric goes to see Tom and Tom says that it’s not Ed’s fault and he’ll resign if Ric drops it. Ric says that he needs to think about it.

Ed’s in more trouble, as Owen’s hunt for a best man continues. He asks Ed, much to Chrissie’s embarrassment, and tells Ed that he may end up as godfather! Chrissie is clearly cringing, and tells Ed that he has to get himself out of it. Chrissie questions Owen’s decision, and Owen says that it’s only about them. He asks her if they can get married on his 40th, only two weeks from now. He looks proudly at the scan and says how the baby already looks like him…but is it even his?

Ric says that he’ll let Ed go, if Tom resigns. Ed pleads with Ric not to force Tom’s resignation and settle for a period of leave and rehab, which Ric agrees to. Ed tells Tom that he mustn’t let him down. Meanwhile, Ric goes to see Kath and apologises for missing the funeral. He gives her a comforting hug, and starts to tell her about his day. Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?



Michelle Andrews, has had a motorcycle accident and hit herself

Charlotte Summers, a 16-year-old, collapses at bus stop and finds out she is pregnant and about to give birth

Tom starts vomiting blood and has to have surgery, Ric finds out he has a fatty liver too

First Scene/words

[Chrissie and Owen are coming into work]

Chrissie: Your mum and dad don’t wanna come, I don’t see why you should force them. I don’t really understand why you want them there in the first place, since they think you’re making such a big mistake.

Owen: It’s a wedding, it’s supposed to be about family.

Chrissie: Really, I thought it was supposed to be about us.

Last Scene/words

Ric: Hey. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it today, I got, well, you know how it can be in that place.

Kath: Yes, I know. Come…

Ric: I didn’t know what would be right, so I got you some flowers and some alchohol, some food and…

[Ric closes the front door]

Ric: I’ve even got a little bit to smoke, if you think that would help.

Kath: Just you is fine.

Ric: Was it awful?

Kath: Tell me about your day.

Ric: Well, today… I spent my day playing god, not my favourite role. Do you wanna talk about it?

[Kath starts crying and Ric hugs her.]

Guide by Sophs & Karin.

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