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HC Past Series

S5 E20

s5e20S5 E20 (18 Feb 03) : Dominoes Falling by Joe Fraser

Episode Summary

The episode opens with Sandy talking to Ed and informing him that the two transplant patients for the Dominoe procedure have been notified. Sandy then finds a wallet and is about to hand it in,but is distracted by Ed as the helicopter arrives. Ed jogs outside to great the person who is delivering the donor organs, and much to his surprise it’s Alex Adams. Alex then requests his business for being back at Holby not to be mentioned as there are a few people that he would rather not bump in to.

Jess is bothered by a patient on her assessment day,and is then told to go and get ready for the Dominoe procedure that he has managed to get her in to. Loftwood then enters the room and introduces Alex making her happiness fade, he doesn’t recognise her at first but when he does there is much tension in the air although he trys to break it by saying he didn’t know she was interested in surgery, she just has a go at him and makes him sound inconsiderate.

Jess is complimented by Loftwood in theatre saying that she’s not just a pretty face, and then again later saying, “pretty and compassionate,quite a combination don’t you think, Mr.Adams?”. The other consultant that was supposed to be doing the other transplant has got hypertension and so Alex volunteers to do the procedure, Loftwood is not so sure but when Alex acts quickly when the venus canular comes out Loftwood reconsiders and agrees to let Alex perform the transplant.

Jess is then shouted at by Alex obviously hurting her, and so she leaves the theatre, Steve then asks why Jess isn’t in theatre observing and she tells him that Alex Adams is back and that’s why she left. Steve then has another go at Jess when a patient’s pregnant fiancé is taken up too maternity with sharp pains, which turns out that she is in labour.

Tony goes up to maternity hoping to see Ben but gets a rather frosty welcome. Alex is then greeted by Sandy bringing a smile to his face for the first time today, he then observes the results of the heart recipient and finds a raised white cell count suggesting she may have an infection and declines her the operation leading him and Ed to clash.

Tony feels neglected by Ben but Ben then tells him of his patient who has been hit by her husband and that he has told him because he trusts him. Ed speaks to Loftwood about Alex’s decision but is gutted when Loftwood feels that Alex has made the right decision. Jess is once again pestered by a patient who threatens to complain to management about her and then lets slip to another that his wife is in labour.

Alex’s patient’s husband starts shouting angrily when told the op won’t go through and blames the child making her cry,the camera then moves to Alex and it’s obvious he is hurting. Jess trys to do her good deed for the day by allowing her patient up to maternity to see his wife and newborn son, unaware of the situation. Alex acts fast in theatre to save the new heart transplant recipient when he goes into VF.

Alex and Ed continue to clash over a patient, Steve gives Jess an ultimatum and Ben apoligises twice to Tony, finally agreeing to move in with him. Sean steals from the ward fund box despite Sandy’s small attempt to stop him, and Sandy tells Alex he did the right thing, and that he’s been missed, although Alex is unsure of that. He then trys to apologise to Jess again but she doesn’t want to hear it and storms off, he’s then approached by Loftwood who thinks he should consider applying for the locum consultant position although Alex says he left under a bit of a cloud, Loftwood tells him to look on it as the silver lining…….


Michael Pointer comes in to have a heart and lung transplant and someone else gets his old heart, which still works

Rosalind Bell is meant to get the heart transplant, but she has an infection and she can’t get the transplant

Neil Harcourt, a teenager who gets the heart tarnsplant instead

Paul Whittard, delayed op, pilonidalisinus

Adrian Lambert, car accident, concussion

Karen Higgins, car accident, abdominal bruising, 34 weeks pregnant

First Scene/words

Ed: Sandy, have you warned about the cancellations?

Sandy: Yeah, the bronchoscopy’s moaning because his op’s already been postponed once.

Ed: Give him some lunch, that will cheer him up. What about the two recepients, any news?

Sandy: Rosalind Bell rang back, she is on her way and Michael Pointer should be on the road.

Ed: They’d better be, ‘cos one is no good without the other.

Sandy: So Michael, he gets the new lungs and a heart and his old heart’s still viable, so that one goes to Ros?

Ed: Yeah, just like dominoes.

Last Scene/words

[Mr Loftwood is trying to convince Alex to apply for a job as a locum consultant]

Mr Loftwood: Everyone is grateful the way you saved the domino procedure. It’s my guess they’ll welcome you back. Don’t close any doors, Mr Adams.

[Mr Loftwood walks away, leaving Alex to think about it.]

>>Guide by Max & Karin.

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