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HC Past Series

S5 E03

s5e3S5 E3 (22 Oct 02) : Facing Facts by Julia Weston

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Lucy, a 23 year old travel rep, being brought into maternity after a fall. She isn’t due to give birth for another two weeks but Owen decides to induce the labour as the fall has moved the placenta. Lucy is asked if she would like anyone at the birth with her. She says she’s single but the father of the baby, Howard, is on his way. A man comes in shortly afterwards, Ben and Mubbs assume he’s Howard, but he introduces himself as Dominic, Lucy’s brother. It turns out that Lucy is having a baby for her brother and his boyfriend, Howard. A healthy baby girl is delivered, and Lucy refuses to hold her, allowing Howard and Dominic to bond with the baby instead. Lucy begins to feel pain and suffers an internal bleed. Owen takes her straight into theatre and discovers a tear in her uterus. He has no choice but to carry out a hysterectomy to save her life. Dominic says to Howard that they should let Lucy have the baby as she won’t be able to have any more children. Howard’s upset, he has wanted to be a father for as long as he can remember. After Ben and Owen intervene and offer advice, Howard and Dominic agree to hand the baby back to Lucy, but will remain part of her life. Ben seems to be quite affected by the whole situation of a gay couple starting a family whilst Mubbs calls it ‘a freak show’.

Jess is jogging to work and witnesses a carjacking. Three youths jump out of a BMW and drag an old man out of a passing car. Jess runs over to help and kicks one of the carjackers but they speed away in the old mans car. Jess takes care of the man, Samuel, in hospital and discovers he has liver disease from excessive drinking. He tells her that his son was killed in a car accident and since then, his life hasn’t been worth living. Robbie Waring is bought into EAU from A&E, with concussion. He tells his dad that he fell off a friend’s motorbike. Jess recognises his bloodstained clothes from the carjacking. She forces him to confess to Steve, and Steve forces him to apologise to Samuel. Samuel and Jess agree not to tell the police, on the condition that Robbie tells them the names of the other carjackers. Steve asks Jess out for a drink to say thank you, but she can’t, she’s supposed to be having dinner with Ric.

Bernice Webster comes into Kellar Ward to have a gastric band fitted to restrict her stomach. She is obese and has had no success with other methods of losing weight. Tom argues that cases such as hers should not be allowed as it stops medical necessities from being treated. Ric fights for Bernice’s right to have surgery and complains to Diane in theatre about Tom. “God help us if he ever becomes clinical chairman”, Ric jokes so Diane urges him to go for the position of Clinical Chairman, the position that Tom is also after. The operation is initially a success and Bernice’s husband, Julian, suggests they go away on holiday; Bernice doesn’t seem enthusiastic. Suddenly she arrests because of all the stress on her body and Tom has to operate on her heart. He voices his disapproval to Ed, spurring Ric on even more to go for the position. Ed reminds Tom that he dragged him to rehab; sometimes medical help is needed. After the operation, Tom speaks to Bernice kindly and helps her to realise that it’s her husband who’s making her unhappy.

Chrissie is snappy at Owen from the moment they arrive at work. She tells him that she’s late and worried that it’s due to the cancerous cells. Owen hints that she could be pregnant, and looks rather happy at the prospect. She makes it clear that she is not so enthusiastic.

Tom has invited people for drinks at his house after work. Diane refuses to take Danny as her guest, using the excuse that only consultants and registrars will be there. Chrissie mentions the party to Danny, and he starts to feel that Diane is embarrassed by him. Danny confronts Diane and she says he can go if he wants, she just didn’t think it was his thing. He seems satisfied, until she dictates what he must wear.

Owen, Chrissie, Danny and Diane all turn up at Tom’s house, which is very posh. Ric turns up too after Jan Goddard reveals she will be there. Owen gets angry at Chrissie for drinking so much when she could be pregnant. She continues to drink and flirts with Ed. She bitchily tells him that she isn’t pregnant before throwing up over Tom’s carpet! Danny looks smart dressed up in his suit, but Diane keeps patronising him and he leaves, meeting up with Ben and Lisa at a bar. He and Lisa get drunk, talk about bad relationships and end up sleeping together. Ric is the last to leave the party, apart from Tom and Jan, who look very intimate.



Bernice Webster, a woman who has a gastric band fitted, later has a heart attack

Samuel Allen, and old man who starts vomiting blood after getting carjacked, has got liver cirrosis

Lucy Wanton, 23 years old, has to have a hysterectomy after complications while giving birth

Robbie Waring, Steve’s son, comes into hospital after getting kicked by Jess during the carjacking

First Scene/words

[A new patient is being brought to the maternity ward]

Ben: Lucy Wanton, a travel rep, she’s got two weeks to go, she’s had a fall. She’s got some abdominal pains and some spotting.

Mubbs: Okay, Lucy.

Lucy: I’m used to the kicking, but never like this…

Last Scene/words

Ric, Tom and Jan are standing in front of Tom’s house and Ric is about to leave the party]

Jan: You go on Ric, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Ric: Right. Good night.

[Ric walks to the taxi, while Jan and Tom go back indoors]-They mentioned Charlie in the episode. At Tom’s party, when Jan and Tom seem to be getting pretty close, Ric asks Jan how things are going with Charlie.

Guide by Nic & Karin.

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