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HC Past Series

S5 E26

s5e26S5 E26 (1 Apr 03) : …As the Day Is Long by Patrick Wilde

Episode Summary

Alex and Diane get into the lift for AAU. As they talk Diane comments on the suit Alex is wearing as it is three in the morning.

Jess and Steve are flirting slightly as they discuss early starts. Steve comments that some people have been there all night.

Danny and Chrissie discuss Kath. Danny says she’ll be back before they know it. Chrissie easy that is if she is found innocent. Danny says she is innocent.

Diane and Alex see a patient, Mitch Roper, who has taken an overdose of ecstasy and also has a heart problem.

Chrissie and Danny look after Lorna McKay who is in the army and was violently attacked. The patient asks after Alan Colvin who is in theatre with a stab wound to the chest, which needs to be sewn up.

Jess and Steve are talking about Steve always being at work or looking after Robbie at home. Jess see’s Alex and Diane getting in the lift laughing about it being the second time that day. Jess suspects they are an item, and asks Steve what he thinks. Steve comments on why Jess is so eager to sort out everyone’s personal life.

Danny takes Lorna McKay back to her bed when she is up looking for Alan Colvin. Ric says Alan Colvin will bleed to death if they are not careful.

Alex and Ed are talking to Mitch Roper’s boyfriend, Carl Jeffries, Alex reprimands Ed for trying to talk over the top of him.

Danny gives Lorna an injection to try and ease her pain. Danny notices the bruising on Lorna’s legs and asks what happened. Lorna says it doesn’t matter as Lorna’s friend Dean comes in. Danny leaves Lorna and bumps into Sandy. Danny asks where Diane is as he wants Diane to see Lorna. Danny says he suspects that Loran has been more then violently attacked. Bringing up this Danny asks about Sean. Sandy says she has not seen him since the week before.

Mitch Roper’s boyfriend says to speak to his wife, Becky Roper, as she would know the background on what has happened with his heart.

Ed asks Chrissie if they could act as adults around each other. Chrissie snaps back that them acting like adults is the reason she is now homeless and living with Lisa.

Ric and Diane are discussing Alex. Diane comments that she knows Alex isn’t Ric’s favourite person.

Chrissie finds out from Becky Roper that her husband Mitch had been treated at Queens and she was trying to find out what happened.

Danny goes over to Diane and Alex as they are talking and asks to speak to Diane privately. Danny tells Diane that he suspects there is more to what happened to Lorna McKay and could Diane look at Lorna.

Diane see’s to Lorna and says she thinks she knows what happened. Lorna says she doesn’t want to talk about it or tell anyone. Diane leaves Lorna and tells Danny to leave it all alone, as they have been in the situation before.

Alex gets out of talking to Carl Jeffries and goes down to where the main drugs are kept. Ed finishes talking to Carl as Becky Roper turns up. Chrissie asks Sandy to page Alex back.

Alex and Jess bump into each other when Alex goes to get some drugs from the main unit of the hospital. Jess asks whether he is with anyone and comments that she and Diane are free and single.

Tom turns up to at the hospital early. Ed asks why and Tom tells him that he has an appointment with Anita Forbes and so he wanted to come in early. Tom enquires how things are between Ed and Alex. Ed tells Tom that Alex is being his usual self and was getting to him. Tom says that Ed should pay attention to Alex as he knows what he is talking about and Ed could learn a lot from Alex.

Alex goes into one of the cubicles in the hospital toilets and looks down at his hand shaking. Alex takes something to try and stop the shaking, before clenching his fist.

Mitch ropers wife, Becky is talking to Chrissie. Becky tells Chrissie she is worried that Mitch will leave her and she needs him now that she’s pregnant.

Diane goes to AAU and asks Steve for a spare bed because she would need it before now. Steve says he would join her but in a separate bed of course.

Tom see’s Anita Forbes again and sits looking at her legs and her shoes, but instead comments on her rug.

Diane tries to help a patient, Sarah Eldritch, who first seemed to have gallstones but now seems she has breast cancer because she has had a lump on her breast for at least 18 months.

Tom makes a joke to Anita about how frustrated he was because he had to take the bus when his car broke down.

Danny rings for the hospital to page the on call psychiatrist who happens to be Anita Forbes.

Tom tells Anita he has given up everything after alcohol. When he leaves she says that she is looking forward to next week.

Diane speaks to Sarah Eldritch’s son, Roland, telling him that she has breast cancer.

Anita Forbes goes up to see Lorna after Danny asked for her. Chrissie sends her away again where she bumps into Tom. Asking which way is the fastest to her department. Tom says to the lift down, turn right then follow the yellow brick road as Anita is wearing red shoes. Anita laughs as she gets into the open lift and asks if she should click her heals to get her home.

Chrissie tells Danny not to go over her head again because he is treading on very thin ice. Chrissie also says that he may be able to get away with going over Kath’s head but not with her he can’t. Danny snaps back telling Chrissie to leave his mum out of it.

Alex snaps at Diane in the locker room after she see’s him with a relaxant.

Alan Colvin wakes up when Danny is in the room doing his obs. Alan tells Danny it was Loran who stabbed him.

Becky Roper see’s Carl kiss Mitch’s forehead as Mitch is taken to theatre in an emergency.

Alex goes up to the roof despite being paged by Sandy twice.

Ed says that he isn’t allowed to put Mitch Roper on bypass as Alex told him he wasn’t allowed. Ed opens up Mitch anyway waiting for Alex.

Diane begins inserting a drain for Sarah Eldritch as she is having difficulty breathing in AAU. Jess asks Diane to come with her and the gang for a drink at the end of the shift.

Alex goes into theatre and asks why Ed hadn’t put Mitch on bypass. Ed tries to explain that Alex forbid him to do so but Alex doesn’t listen.

Danny begins an argument with Dean, who’s’ still there to see Lorna.

Carl and Becky discuss everything about Carl and Mitch’s affair.

Mitch goes into heart block and becomes bradycardic in theatre.

Danny stares past Sandy into the room where Alan is with Lorna’s friend Dean is. Danny says something about the men sticking together.

Ed and Alex speak to Becky Roper, after Carl leaves so that Becky and the baby don’t lose Mitch, about the operation which was a success but Mitch would need a pacemaker in the future.

Danny begins a fight with Dean by punching him. Diane and Ric manage to break up the fight and get Danny into the locker room. Ric demands an explanation. Chrissie asks what has happened and says she’ll have to report the incident. Danny says that he went into nursing because he saw how much Kath could help and she inspired him. Danny then storms out saying that he gives up.

Diane speaks to Lorna, who asks after Danny, Diane tells Lorna that she understands what Loran is going through but doesn’t agree with it.

Sandy tries to talk to Danny but he won’t listen to her. Sandy stays with him and says Chrissie can sack her if she wants. Danny puts his arm around Sandy and kisses her cheek.

Diane agrees to go for a drink with Steve. She tries to talk to Alex who is going to check on the chest drain she inserted into Sarah Eldritch. Alex tells her to have a nice evening.

Tom sits with Anita Forbes in the bar. Jess makes excuses and leaves Diane and Steve alone. Diane says she’s only having one drink then she’s going home. Steve suggests they continue their evening another night. Diane goes over to the bar as Danny goes over to buy another drink. Diane brings up things and Danny says that Lorna and his mum need justice. Danny says everyone wants Kath to go down and Diane tries to tell Danny it isn’t true.

Danny sits back down next to Sandy and says that there are more important things in life for him to do. Danny hugs Sandy and says he’ll see her around. As Danny leave he says he’s going to be there for Kath because she matters more then anything.


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