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HC Past Series

S5 E48

s5e48S5 E48 (2 Sep 03) : All That You Leave Behind by Len Collin

Episode Summary

Ric and Zubin are disgussing Sarah Palmer’s death as they head into theatre. Diane is waiting for them as their patient has swallowed two razor blades. Ric snaps at Diane about the nurses. Ric and Zubin discuss Kath. Ric says she’s a professional but Zubin comments on the fact she was on trial for assisted suicide. Kath snaps at Lisa about Lisa’s comments. Kath appears to be under a lot of stress and it doesn’t help when Kelly tells her about the interview with Ric and Helen. Ric asks Diane to sit in with the interview – Zubin says he will. Kath gets frustrated with her patient – Agnes – who won’t take her epilepsy medication. Kath is asked by Ric to keep an eye on Stella. Kath isn’t happy about the interviews and makes it clear to Ric that she believes there is no point for them. Ric warned Lisa off of stirring things. Ric, Kath and Kelly see Agnes. Kath snaps at her for going on. Kelly moans about it to Nic. Kath and Ric discuss the interviews – Ric says maybe Kath was right and the interviews aren’t needed. Kath says she’s going to put Agnes’s tablet in her lunch and puts it into her yogurt. Agnes finds it and tells Nic and Kelly saying Kath’s trying to poison her. Kath see’s Stella who admits she’s killed a man. Stella talks to Kath about what it’s like inside. Kath gets Zubin to change the medication. Kelly goes for her interview but before talks to Sandy and Nic – Sandy says about Kath being a nurse for twenty years but Kelly finds a fault with that. Kelly speaks about Kath at her interview and Helen doesn’t seem impressed. Agnes’s son snaps at Kath as she’s had a seisure. Kath is very hurt. Kath see’s Stella die and gets upset as Lisa comes for Kath for the interview. Kath goes for her interview and isn’t pleased with Helen’s approach. Kath snaps about Agnes and Ric decides it’s time for a break. Zubin, Helen and Lisa leave the room. Zubin goes down to see Diane who’s checking over Stella. Zubin says it’s likely she had a reaction to the antibiotics he based her on and no one could have detected it. Ric tells Kath to calm down and not let Helen get to her. Kath says she won’t give up. Kath feels she’s being blamed for Sarah Palmer’s death. After the interview Ric speaks to Kath. Kath is very close to tears and shouts at Ric. She tells him that she knows what they call her. She knows that they think she’s ‘the angel of death.’ She slams her things down and grabs her coat in her upset and angered mood. She leaves her office – screaming back at Ric that he can have her resignation in the morning and she leaves. Tears almost falling down her cheeks.

Rosie and Mubbs admit a patient – Ruth – who is a lapdancer and is in labour. Rosie’s going to set Mubbs up with a friend of hers. Rosie and Mubbs talk about him finding a girlfriend as Ruth admits to her boss he’s the father of her baby. Ruth’s rushed into theatre for a ceasarean as Ruth is bleeding. They manage to deliver the baby with no complications and once the baby is given more blood she seems fine. Rosie asks for Mubbs’s help with a no mobile phones sign. He helps her and she comments that he smells. The two mess around as Sami comes in. Sami and Mubbs seem friendly. Mubbs, Uma, Rosie and Sami go for a drink in the bar. Sami goes on about a dvd player to Rosie but they disagree as the washing machine is playing up. The two are talking about home life as Uma and Mubbs seem to be getting on. Rosie and Sami see this and watch them until Mubbs and Uma disagree on Mubbs suggestion of going to the lapdancing club that Ruth worked in. Uma goes off with Rosie as Sami comments to Mubbs on being a ‘ladies man’


Ruth ‘Crystal’ Fallon – A pregnant lapdancer in maternity who is rushed for a c – section

Stella Chadwick – A prisoner brought in after having swallowed two razor blades. Ric and Diane operate and she is taking into recovery. Kath becomes friendly with the woman but she later dies.

First Scene/words

Ric: I was hoping for better. “Nursing practises out of date, bad communications, protocol, mortality rates…” I’d say that’s a pretty clear critisism of my managing style as clinical director.

Zubin: You’re far too sensitive.

Ric: I don’t remember anyone telling Anton Meyer that his intradepamental skills were lacking.


Last Scene/words

Kath: Why don’t you just say what’s on everybody’s mind?

Ric: Oh Kath, no one thinks that you…

Kath: Yes they do! I killed my husband, I’m responsible for Sarah Palmer’s death, I’ve probably killed Stella Chadwick and all the others! Do you know what they call me?

Ric: Kath! Just calm down.

Kath: Angel of death! That’s what the papers said. I’m an embarrassment to the hospital, to the ward, to you!

Ric: That’s not true.

Kath: Don’t tell me that you don’t regret the day that you gave me those prescriptions for Terry.

Ric: Kath, you’re getting a little hysterical. Helen, she was just trying to play the devil out of the dungeon, trying to get a reaction out of you!

Kath: She’s got one, I’m leaving.

Ric: Kath, don’t do this!

Kath: You’re getting my resignation in the morning.

[Kath walks away]

Notable Facts

Michelle Gayle plays Ruth Fallon.

This is the last episode that late actress Laura Sadler made a brief appearance in.

Guide by Carly & Karin.

Screencaps : S5 E48

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