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Cas Series

S12 E10

S12 E10 (8 Nov 97) : A Taste of Freedom by Shelagh Stephenson

Episode Summary

The staff is gossiping and wondering whether it is true that Kate has been caught for shoplifting or not. Elliot has a word with Kate and suggests she should go to councelling as according to him her shoplifting obviously is stress-related. Kate says that councelling is not what she wants or what she needs and that she does not know what she wants. She confesses to everyone else that she has been shoplifting, because she does not want to have them gossiping about it, wondering if it is true or not. Both Charlie and Baz try to talk to her, but she does not want to talk about it. Charlie even suggest that she and Nick should join Baz and Charlie on a holiday, but she says she would just feel like an outsider. In the end of the shift she tells Charlie that she wants to start all over again and that she is leaving.

Marianne McDermott is obsessed about everything healthy. She is only eating vegetables and will not let her husband or her young daughter Meg eat anything unhealthy either. She is home alone, when all in sudden she gets a severe headache and starts vomiting. She is brought into A&E and Baz suspects that she might have an aneurysm, which is confirmed by an CT. At first she does not want to have surgery, saying that she is into complementary medicine, but eventually Richard is able to convince her that this once there are only two options: surgery or suicide. Richard also admits that he has got a cronical illness, saying that he would hope that his options were as easy as hers.

James Ellington is a 74-year-old man who has been in wheel chair for a few years, after a stroke that made him lose the feeling in his left side. He is outside in the garden, when he falls over with his wheel chair, wounding his right shoulder. The ambulance take him into A&E and the x-rays show he has fractured his humerus. James’ son Pete, who is looking after him, comes in but after a while he goes outside, leaving his bag in the cubicle. James is all alone in the cubicle when Pete’s mobile goes off, so he simply jumps out of the bed and walks to pick up the mobile and says that the person should not call Pete anymore, as Pete from now on will be looking after him. Kate, however, notices James walking around and tells Pete about this. He has a go at James, blaming him for ruining the last few years of his life, before leaving James alone, saying that he can get a nurse to look after him instead.

Tina is putting a bandage on a young man who has a cut to his head. The man, who also has got his bike inside the cubicle as someone might steal it if he left it anywhere else, asks if the bandage is supposed to feel all strange and make him not see anything. Soon afterwards Kate walks into the cubicle, telling Tina to do it all over again while she is helping her. Later on Tina thanks Kate for the help, which makes Kate explain how Tina, if she does the same job for twenty years or so, will end up wondering if that was all that there was to happen in life.

It is Charlie’s birthday. Jack asks him what his birthday has been like and when Charlie says it has not been that great, Baz kindly informs him that he should remember that she made him breakfast in bed. At the end of the shift everyone is waiting in the staff room in order to surprise him. Baz and Jack also get a surprise when they realise that they both have got him a cake. Jack, however, says that it is good that someone understands to appreciate Charlie.


– Marianne McDermott, obsessed about only eating healthy things, brought in with severe headache, diagnosed with aneurysm

– James Ellington, a 74-year-old man in wheelchair, fractures his humerus

– A cyclist who has got a cut in his head

First Scene/words

[Mac and Marianne McDermott are sitting in their kitchen.]

Mac: Remember my parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night, don’t you?

Marianne: Well, I didn’t think you were gonna eat a whole leg of lamb on your own. Not even you could manage that, not even to spite me!

Last Scene/words

Kate: Charlie?

Charlie: Yeah?

I’m leaving. Straight away. I’m going.

Charlie: What’s happened, you can’t just leave…

Kate: Yes, I can.

Charlie: How are you gonna survive?

Kate: Charlie, the world is full of people who are living who aren’t doing something to do with nursing. I want to join them, I don’t care if it’s a supermarket check out. I want to start again. Bye Charlie.

Charlie: Kate, you said you would talk about this! I can’t believe you’re doing this!

[Kate rushes into the staff room.]Everyone: Surprise!

[Kate looks shocked, gives way to Charlie and hugs him.]

Kate: Happy birthday!

[Kate empties her things from her locker and walks out. Charlie follows.]

Charlie: Kate, don’t, don’t just go.

Kate: Charlie, don’t make this any harder than it is.

Charlie: Kate!

Notable Facts

– John McArdle plays Pete Ellingtons

– Charlie’s birthday is November 11th

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