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Cas Series

S15 E07

S15 E7 (21 Oct 00) : Travelling Light by Katharine Way

Episode Summary

Charlie brings Louis into work as his nanny has let him down again. Spencer keeps him amused with magic tricks and juggling until he is called away to break up a fight in reception. Charlie finds that Dan has discovered Louis in his office, and has been making paper aeroplanes with him.

A woman, Alison, and her fiancé, Andy, are involved in a car accident. Andy dies and Alison suffers many injuries. The other car was joy riders and all the passengers were uninjured.

A family of asylum seekers arrive in Holby. Their daughter, Marissa gets knocked down at the airport and is taken to A&E. Her father Bekim is very over protective and will not leave Marissa in recus. When his wife, Sophia, finally persuades him to come outside, he suffers from a panic attack and is also taken into recus. When he is examined, Max finds bruising to his body and Bekim admits he has been beaten up in his home country. A gang was after Bekim and Sophia’s son, Jan, and had beaten up Bekim to try and gain information on Jan’s whereabouts. Bekim had told the gang where Jan was, and they had captured and killed him in front of Bekim’s eyes. Jan knew his father had betrayed him. When Sophia learns this, she is upset. Max speaks to her and says he knows what she is going through, as he has lost his son too. He tells her that she shouldn’t blame Bekim, and the two make up later in the episode.

Patrick annoys Josh with his attitude towards Bekim. Josh tells Patrick he should come out in the ambulance to learn some more people skills. Patrick takes Josh up on the offer and Josh says that they will take him out with them some time in the next week.

A 15-year-old girl, Emily Shields, goes out with her boyfriend Joe. Emily’s dad doesn’t seem to care where she is going, or who she will be with. After spending time in a bar with some older friends, Emily and Joe go back to one of their friend’s flats, where one friend tries to pierce Emily’s tongue for her. It goes wrong and Joe takes her into hospital. Emily’s dad arrives, and the two argue, but then make up.

A comedian finishes a performance in a pub, and goes out to his car. He slips and falls on a banana skin, and his friend takes him into A&E. He is rude to the staff and eventually thrown out when Max catches him about to take drugs in his cubicle.

Charlie and Dan argue about Adam resigning, Charlie thinks Dan was to blame. Max tells Holly she shouldn’t worry anymore about Adam, that it wasn’t her fault and she shouldn’t let it affect her work.

Duffy tells Colette that Andrew has arranged a surprise holiday for the two of them. Charlie overhears and questions Duffy about it. She asks if he is jealous, and he replies: “Not in the least, I’ve never had the slightest desire to have a dirty weekend with your husband!”

A footballer is waiting in reception, and overhears that some asylum seekers have been brought into the department. He loudly demands to know why the asylum seekers have been seen before him, and says he pays his taxes. Max tells him that when a young girl is brought in by ambulance, they do their job and treat her, regardless of her race.


* Marissa Goral – head injury

* Bekim Goral – bruising from attack

* Emily Shields – tried to pierce her tongue

* Alison – car crash

* Andy – car crash; dies.

First Scene/words

[A man is brought into recus]

Max: Can we set out the level 1 please?

Last Scene/words

[Max says goodbye to Sophia and her family, and she thanks him for his help.]

Charlie: Looks like they got the right man for the job then.

Max: Some things are down to training Charlie, some to experience.

Charlie: What about those two?

Max: Experience, definitely experience.

Notable Facts

* Gary Webster plays Paul Meadows.

* Callum Ray plays Louis Fairhead.

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Screencaps : S15 E7

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