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Cas Series

S17 E02

S17 E2 (21 Sep 02) : Protection by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Lara begins her court trial and is accused of unlawfully killing David Collier. She has to endure hearing the details from the night of her attack, suffering flashbacks and the bad memories associated with the assault she uncharacteristically shouts out in her defence. Melanie Collier denies her husband has raped her and things don’t look good for Lara’s future.

New Locum SHO, Heather Lincoln, arrives and doesn’t go unnoticed by certain male staff. She is treated to an unofficial tour of the department by Simon, who asks her for a drink after shift. She is quick to forget, when she witnesses Dillon undressing in the staffroom and is about to proposition him, when Simon walks in.

Roxy continues to have babysitting problems, and Jack ends up doing a stint, but calls Anna at work when Nicole needs her nappy changed. Nikki is still guilty about losing a patient last shift. She tells her boss, Jeff, that she needs a stab vest to feel protected. Finn is unhappy with seeing his name mentioned in Comfort’s divorce papers.

Teenager, Anu, gives birth at home, Not wanting to keep the baby, she gets her brother and boyfriend to dump the baby at A&E. Later, Anu is brought in with severe bleeding and Simon realises she is the mother. She doesn’t want to stay in and Mubbs is forced to operate on her in A&E.

A man, Joe, come sin with a fishbone stuck in his throat. Duffy quickly queries Heather’s judgment, but Harry is impressed with her call, not realising she hijacked Duffy’s diagnosis.

Despite Charlie’s attempts at keeping the bad news from Duffy, she soon finds out her Mum, Kate, is in the department suffering the later stages of breast cancer. She does not like Heather treating her and is unhappy her Mum didn’t get treated earlier.

Nikki is nominated for a bravery award. Simon sees Dillon and Heather leave together.


* Anu – 17 yr old. Needs operation after giving birth.

* Joe Garson – fishbone stuck in throat

* Kate Duffin – secondary stages of breast cancer

First Scene/ words

Lara is taken into cells by police guards (other prisoners are shouting in background). Lara struggles.

Lara : No, please no this is all wrong. I shouldn’t be here! (Lara then wakes up with a fright – it was a dream.)

Last Scene/ words

In court;

Lawyer : Did your husband rape you on 3rd June?

Melanie : He didn’t

Lawyer : I would ask you to reconsider your answer

Melanie : My husband was not a rapist

Lara (Stands up) She’s lying!

Last Scene/ words

* Lisa Palfrey plays Melanie Collier

* Rosalind Knight plays Kate Duffin

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