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Cas Series

S16 E03

S16 E3 (29 Sep 01) : All’s Fair by David Lane

Episode Summary

A motorcyclist goes into a petrol station and threatens the Asian cashier for money. He turns nasty and shoots him, then speeds off on his bike. He is then involved in a collision when he swerves to avoid a child in the road and hits a car. Nikki and Josh go to the scene, Josh takes off his helmet as he has breathing difficulties, which Nikki has first doubts about doing. The Asian shop keeper dies, and Sergeant [ID 388]Rachel[/ID] tells the disbelieving motorcyclist’s mother that he will be questioned.

New SHO Lara Stone arrives, with her manager Philip Greenwood wanting press coverage for her. She also sets male staff’s pulses racing, but she gets straight stuck in to her job, and her abrupt approach causes friction between herself and Dillon. Patrick asks her for an after shift drink, but is forced to cancel after promising a night with Rachel.

A mother, Sarah, is brought in breathless after suffering an anaphylactic shock. Her young son, Liam, has helped her phone 999. She discharges herself only to be brought in the next morning with the same symptoms. The team discover he estranged husband, Jim, has given her this reaction, with a bag of horse hair, which he knows she is allergic to, in an attempt to get close to her again.

Max goes to dinner with Amanda and her son [ID 289]Ben[/ID], whose birthday it is. They are trying to get Ben to live with them, but he thinks Max is trying to buy his affection. Max discovers Chloe working as a waitress in the restaurant to gain extra money.

Charlie attends a supper club with a dating agency, and is attracted to Jan, who has just moved into Holby. They get on well, but Charlie is shocked to discover the next day that she is Chief Executive of Holby Hospital. Jan offers him a new Clinical Nurse Specialist post. Charlie turns down their dinner date thinking it will become too complicated.


* Lillian – old lady with cut neck, below her ear.

* Old male Asian shopkeeper – dies after being shot in an armed robbery.

* Motorcyclist robber – crashes into a car – facial injuries and fractured pelvis.

* Sarah Taylor – anaphylactic shock after being allergic to horse hair.

First Scene/ words

Motorcyclist fills up with petrol and then goes into shop;

Asian Man: Hello, number 4?

Motorcyclist : (points gun) Give me the money!

Asian Man : Here you are take it!

Motorcyclist : Where’s the rest of it?

Asian Man : In the safe

Motorcyclist : Open it!

Asian Man : I can’t

Motorcyclist : Open it!

Asian Man : I can’t! (motorcyclist then shoots him)

Last Scene/ words

Max : Go and tell her you’ve changed your mind (referring to Charlie turning Jan down, Dillon enters)

Dillon : Charlie, Max, you’re needed in Resus, stab victim

Charlie : (sighs) On our way!

Notable Facts

* Mark Powley (played Liz Harker’s boyfriend in S12) plays Jim Taylor.

* Jennifer Luckraft plays Sarah Taylor.

* The robbery takes place at Banwells Garage

* Lara says she was named after her father’s love of Dr Zhevago

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Screencaps : S16 E3

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