S18 E31

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S18 E31 (10 Apr 04) : I Love You, I Hate You by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Lara and Simon’s relationship is getting stronger, much to Tally’s annoyance. She deliberately keeps patient information from Lara but soon realises the seriousness of her actions. Lara correctly assumes that Tally’s mistake was deliberate but, when confronted, Tally shows no remorse, saying Lara deserves it for taking Simon away from her. Simon is furious and tells a devastated Tally that he loves Lara.

As Josh and Luke are leaving a bogus call, Greg appears from the back of the ambulance, holding a gun and demanding the key to the drugs box. In the ensuing struggle, Greg is shot in the stomach.

Roxy is spending all her time at the hospital with baby William. Claire and Nikki are supportive, but looking after Nicole while Roxy is at the hospital is proving a strain. Roxy still cannot believe the surrogate parents’ attitude and lack of contact, but is adamant that she will provide for William.

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