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Cas Series

S13 E27

S13 E27 (6 Mar 99) : Love Over Gold (Part 1) by Chris Murray

Episode Summary

Chloe is still going round looking upset whenever anyone mentions pregnancy. Sean tells Tina he didn’t mean to hurt her. He asks her to move in with him. She tells him she needs to think about it but later says yes.

Helen Bright, a journalist from the Holby Gazette, comes into A&E asking to speak to someone about a leak. Charlie takes her to his office; he says he knows nothing about the leak and suggests she talks to Gary Milton. He tells her about the department, saying what a good job everyone is doing and so on. He gives her a guided tour of the department and it seems like he fancies her. As she goes she says she’ll see him later. Charlie tells Duffy why she was here; she’s surprised that he went ahead with the leak.

George has finished her shift and is late going home. Max asks to speak to her; Broadway General have asked him about her after her job application. She is short-listed for the job. Max says he doesn’t want her to leave; he says he’s already spoken to Gary about promotion there.

Dominic Taylor wants to go poaching with his older brother Evan; Evan won’t let him. He tells him to sort out something in the place where they keep the stock. Dominic threatens to tell their dad; Evan says if he does he’ll never get to go poaching. Evan goes; their father Bob comes along. Dominic gets down on the floor. Bob shuts the door and traps Dominic’s hand under it. Dominic yells for help and his father comes and gets him out, asking what he was doing there. He drives Dominic to Holby A&E where his finger is seen to. On the way home Bob tells Dominic not to get involved in poaching. Dominic says that he used to poach; Bob says he had to. He says it’s different now; it’s all guns and bombs and the gamekeepers think they’re at war with them. A car full of gamekeepers arrives as they get home; one of them, Mike Bowden, says they’re looking for Evan. Later, Evan gets in and Bob tells him Bowden’s looking for him. He asks if he’s going out tonight; Evan denies this and says he’s going out. The gamekeepers go into the woods, on the lookout for Evan.

Gil Stephens is in charge of an armed bank robbery. The rest of the gang seem to be nervous, the driver in particular. They go into the bank as it is about to close; there aren’t many customers. One assistant presses an alarm button. The other assistant, who is in on the raid, opens the door to let them into the back; she opens the safe for Gil. The others are holding guns on the customers. Another man walks in, wanting to cash some cheques. He refuses to get down. Eric, one of the gang members, gets very nervous; he threatens to shoot; Gil shouts to him not to as they’ve got the money and they’ll be able to get out. Eric says it’s the principle that counts; he shoots and bullets are peppered all over the place. They break the bank window and the getaway car windscreen is smashed. Tilly, the driver, drives off alone. She is injured and in shock and ends up crashing through a shop window. She is taken to Holby A&E.

The uninjured customers leave the bank. Inside, the last man to come in has a serious chest injury; one of the gang, Gil’s brother Conor, has a wound in his arm. Two other customers, Paul and Sarah Heaton, are also injured. George, who left the bank just before the raid, goes in when she hears the fuss and tries to see to the injuries with the measly first aid kit of the bank. She tells Gil that the man with the chest injury will die in thirty minutes if he isn’t taken to hospital. Sarah Heaton has heart problems and is getting worse. The police have arrived by this time, as have Josh and Penny.

The negotiator phones but Gil is reluctant to answer. Eventually he does and they arrange for the paramedics to come and collect the man with the chest injury. The negotiator tells them not to go in but Josh steps inside and has a gun pulled on him. Gil helps Penny carry the patient out on a stretcher before returning inside. Gil demands an ambulance for them to get away in; he says he’ll release one hostage at a time, starting with Sarah, if they let him have the vehicle. If they don’t he says he’ll kill Sarah. The ambulance arrives; the police are planning to fire at the gang as everyone comes out but Gil has thought of that and made Paul Heaton wear a mask and hold a gun; the police cannot tell hostages from robbers and cannot fire. Everyone gets in the ambulance except Sarah who is left outside.

Sarah is taken to A&E. She goes into resus, where the guy with the chest injury is just about to leave. Her heart rhythm is irregular and Sean gives her some drugs to stop her heart momentarily so it can start again regularly.

Josh is forced to drive the ambulance; Pat Garratt follows in a car but when the ambulance puts on lights and sirens to get through the traffic he is told not to do the same so that they won’t know they’re being followed. Gil already suspects they are being followed, however. The ambulance arrives under some bridge where a van is waiting. They all move from the ambulance to the van and set off again. Pat eventually reaches the spot but there is no sign of where they’ve gone.

As the van is driving along, Conor insults Eric; Eric gets mad; Gil Conor open the back door and push him out. Paul Heaton says he wishes they’d do the same to him as he’d rather take his chances doing that than be stuck in the van. Gil tells Josh to stop. They stop by the woods where the gamekeepers are. Bowden spots them. They get out. Gil tells George to stop talking. She says she won’t; Paul says he won’t either. Gil pulls a gun on him. Conor pulls a gun on Gil….


– Tilly, cuts in the face after driving through shop window

– A 34-year-old man with a shot wound after bank robbery

– Sarah Heaton, one of the hostages at bank robbery, pacemaker beating too fast

– Dominic Taylor, finger trapped under a door

First Scene/words

[A woman is being treated in one of the cubicles.]

Woman: What’s happening?

Chloe: We’re just sending you up to the gynaechology ward.

Woman: Will I lose the baby?

Chloe: We don’t know yet.

Woman: We should call my boyfriend.

Sean: Yeah, yeah, I would.

Last Scene/words

[George and Paul get pulled out of the van.]

Gil: If you, if you don’t shut up.

George: I have no intention of shutting up.

Paul: Nor have I.[Gil pulls a gun on Paul and Conor pulls a gun on Gil.]

Conor: Gil! Enough.

Also see Love Over Gold part 2 – S13 E28

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