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Cas Series

S19 E29

S19 E29 (20 Mar 05) : Forbidden Love by Jason Sutton

Episode Summary

Bex is in hospital after her hypo last episode. Charlie asks Claire if she wants to take some time off. Claire is angry, thinking that Charlie wants her out of the way for Bex’s sake and storms out. Later, she interferes with a patient’s personal business and Charlie has stern words with her. He tells her to go somewhere to calm down and seriously consider his earlier offer. Luke finds Claire alone crying they end up kissing.

Claire tells Nina that their landlord is selling the house so they now must find somewhere else to live.

Tess is in a dilemma about whether to tell Sam about his father. She goes to see Sam at the hospital and although the doctor advises her not to she tells him that Mike has been in a serious accident. Sam does not seem to fully understand what is going on but asks if he can visit Mike.

Abs warns Nina that they need to be discreet. Luke almost catches them kissing in Abs’s office. Later, Nina tells Luke that Abs only married Ellen to help her out of a fix. That night, Abs has prepared a romantic meal for Nina but a surprise visitor arrives. The man claims that Ellen owes £15,000 – so now Abs will have to pay him back. He demands the first instalment of £5,000 next week.

A young woman, Rose, is admitted after having an asthma attack. Her boyfriend Amit is later admitted after falling down the stairs at work. Amit’s brother disapproves of their relationship believing Rose is a bad influence when infact Rose has been helping Amit give up a drug habit.

Selena treats a woman, Sandra, who has been suffering headaches and bad vision. Charlie correctly suggests her condition to be slow blindness caused from working in the cake business.

A man, Brian, is found unconscious on a bench and is brought in by the paramedics. An MS sufferer, he is thought to have commit suicide and he has a living will asking that he not be resuscitated. His wife backs up the claims, however Maggie still treats him due to legal reasons. When his daughter arrives, she conflicts with her step-mother.


* Rose – asthma attack.

* Amit Patel – falls down stairs.

* Brian Dunbar – MS sufferer who attempts suicide.

First Scene/ words

Amit runs infront of ambulance to stop it’s path;

Comfort : Oh! Did you call us?

Amit : Yes, it’s Rose – my girlfriend. She’s having an asthma attack, a bad one.

Notable Facts

* Sarah Barrand (Footballer’s Wives) plays Rose.

* Peter Watts plays Ian Garrick.

UK Viewing Figures

Screencaps : S19 E29

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