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Cas Series

S16 E34

S16 E34 (27 Apr 02) : Scapegoat by David Joss Buckley

Episode Summary

Jan is worried she will be made a scapegoat for the death of MP’s Justine’s son, Danny, when front page headlines show the crisis of the hospital department. She holds a press conference, which Justine attends, demanding her resignation.

Finn pushes Comfort into telling her husband, Rob, about their affair. She says she will do so after shift.

Claire comes to see Simon, upset as she doesn’t want to marry his brother, but be with Simon. On his lunch break he persuades her to go and buy her wedding dress.

A regular tramp. Jim, causes a disruption in the department, by warning patients of the state of the hospital.

Colette accidentally bangs Allison Phelps’ head on a door, and she collapses in the toilet. In a cubicle she asks many questions, and Duffy discovers she is a reporter who wrote of the ‘corridor of death’ article. Duffy trains Roxanne on how to suture.

Simon and Lara conflict over the treatment of a patient, Mr Meadows, in crash who is suffering a hemorrhage. Max stops their fight, agrees with Simon’s diagnosis but gives them both an ear bashing.

A 70 year diabetic man, Peter, is brought in with his daughter after suffering a hypo. Simon and Lara again conflict – Simon thinks he should stay in, but Lara thinks he is faking his symptoms, because his daughter is about to leave home. Lara is proved right and Peter’s daughter confides in Simon that she is a lesbian.

A GP, Martin’s daughter and son, Elizabeth and Daniel, are involved in a car accident, when learner driver Elizabeth decides to drive her brother to the dentists. Martin blames Elizabeth. In the Relatives Room, he explains to Max how his wife died a year previously and he has been struggling to hold down a job and look after them, leaving eldest Elizabeth to do a lot of the work. Elizabeth dies before he gets a chance to apologise to her.

Roxanne moves in with Nikki and Anna, they are disgruntled by her boyfriend also staying the night. After teasing from Tony that he looks gay, Dillon dies his hair dark in an attempt to look less so. Jack stays the night with Nikki, but is unsure if they should be getting back together.

Comfort goes home and tells Rob she is having an affair. Angrily he kicks her out.


* Elizabeth Campbell – teenager dies from chest injuries in a car crash.

* David Campbell – young boy with serious injuries from car crash

* Allison Phelps – reporter with cut head.

* Peter Sandford – diabetic

* Jim – regular tramp

* Mr Meadows – hemorrhage

First Scene/ words

Jan : (reading paper) MP Justine finds son dead in hospital corridor.. Health MP heartbroken as her son is left to die on a trolley.. scandal of Holby hospital’s corridor of death, my God!

Charlie : Give it a week, they’ll be crucifying somebody else

Jan : I don’t think so, Justine won’t let this go

Last Scene/ words

Charlie : If you wanna blame someone, blame the system

Jan : Right, but you can’t put the system on the front page of a tabloid. They want a scapegoat.

Charlie : Doesn’t mean it has to be you

Jan : No (looks at Max through office windows)

Notable Facts

* Chad Shepherd plays Rob Jones.

* Gillian Taylforth plays Justine Walker.

* Simon calls Lara by the name ‘Stone-face’

* Comfort and Rob live at a house No.38, with a green door.

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