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Cas Series

S16 E20

S16 E20 (19 Jan 02) : You’re Going Home in the Back of an Ambulance by Paul Cornell

Episode Summary

Chloe is depressed after Jason has left her in the lurch and she faces police questioning. She avoids them by taking Anna’s place out on observation with the paramedics, Nikki and Comfort. Their first call out is to an obese man, Ian, who is suffering a pulmonary embolism. The fireman are called to help take him out of the flat, Chloe tries to learn how he ended up in such a state. In A&E, the team manage to save him after he suffers a cardiac arrests.

Outside a shopping precinct, Martin – with bipolar effective disorder, ends up in a fight when he steals a pitch to talk about his favourite topic – shoes. With a cut face, he is brought in – and in the ambulance chats with Chloe, who is depressed thinking her life is over.

Chloe decides to tell Nikki and Comfort about what she has done – Comfort wants to turn her in, but they are called to another shout before she can. They go to a house, where three drugged up men have serious cuts after a dog fight. The gang leader pushes the paramedics around and urges them to not take them to hospital – angrily Comfort punches him, before the police finally arrive. Comfort decides, after Chloe’s help, not to turn her in. Meanwhile, a package arrives for Chloe at A&E – Tony and Anna make sure she gets it with the help of Fin. When Chloe opens it, she finds flight tickets to Miami and a letter from Jason asking her to join him.

Their next call is to a newly married man, Dave, who is severely burned by an explosion in his garage. His wife is distraught when he dies in the ambulance. An upset Chloe, realising life is too short, gets out the ambulance and tries to flag a taxi. As she does a man informs the paramedics of a motorway accident nearby, with many injured. Chloe, in the taxi, sees a girl trapped in the car and rushes out to save her. The car explodes – Comfort rushes towards them, luckily Chloe and the girl manage to escape.

Comfort and Nikki drive Chloe to the airport and say goodbye. As they leave, a police car after Chloe, pull them up – but it’s too late, Chloe has already left.


* Ian Lucas – overweight man collapsed with pulmonary embolism. Arrests in CRASH.

* Martin – with mental disorder, receives cuts to face after argument outside shop.

* Three men with cuts after dog fight; two have arm injuries and other has abdominal & thigh injuries.

* Dave – dies from severe burns when his car explodes.

* RTA – many dead and injured.

First Scene/ words

Chloe in bed, Anna comes in;

Anna : Did you manage to get any sleep?

Chloe : Yeah got a couple of hours

Anna : Chloe, you have to go and face them

Chloe : I can’t believe Tony’s done this to me

Anna : He did what he could

Last Scene/ words

Paramedics talk with police;

Nikki : Well we dropped her off at the hospital after the shout, she can’t have got far

Comfort : Yeah, well she said they’d called her back in, we should’ve realised

Policeman : Well don’t you feel stupid, I was the one sat right beside her. But she won’t fool us again!

(Nikki and Comfort look smug, meanwhile at the airport Chloe goes up to the desk and shows her fake passport, she smiles and walks through)

Notable Facts

* Chloe’s fake passport read the name ‘Vivienne Turner’ with date of birth 17th June 1974 – which is Jan Anderson’s real date of birth.

* Jason’s letter read ‘Don’t let this be the end for us. I want you to come and be with me. To make a new start away from everything bad. I love you Chloe. Jason xxxxxx’

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