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Cas Series

S13 E16

S13 E16 (12 Dec 98) : Making A Difference by Andrew Rattenbury

Episode summary

Penny asks Josh if he’s seeing his date again; he says they’ve left it open. Josh is in the back with a man (Mr. Taylor) who has had a heart attack. The ambulance is blocked by traffic.

Sunny is wheeling a boy along the balcony. He sees two men bringing a Christmas tree through the door and shouts to them that he told them not to bring it this way. He rushes down.

Three lads (Damon, Steve and Chris) are driving along in a car they have stolen. They are on their way to see Chris’s ex-girlfriend.

Mr. Taylor gets worse and Penny puts the lights on and tries to get through the traffic. She speeds up and goes through a green light at some roadworks. The lads come from a different direction and they collide with ambulance sideways. The car and the ambulance head different ways and crash into things.

Sunny tries to get past everyone (still with the boy in the wheelchair) to see to the tree, which is getting in everyone’s way. He bumps the wheelchair into Mark.

Penny gets out of the ambulance. Damon and Chris get out of the car and run, but Chris can’t get out.

Duffy says that more drugs have gone missing. Sam says “My guess is…” but Mark interrupts, still angry with him for what he said the other day.

Mark tells Sean what’s wrong with the boy; Sean says he’s good at anatomy and asks about is training.Sunny is collecting money for the Christmas party – £10 each – everyone complains that it’s too much.

Damon and Chris are running. They’ve got the car stereo. They are still on their way to see Chris’s ex.

Danny is working with Jo in a garage that’s part of a scheme for youngsters under probation. Angela Davis comes in to talk to Danny. She asks if he’s spoken to her father yet – her father’s upstairs; he’s in charge at the garage. Danny hasn’t spoken to him yet. They kiss and she goes. Danny tells Jo to start on the paint stripping while he goes upstairs. She wants to do the engine but he says it’s a two-man job.

The police breathalyse Penny. Chris tells everyone from his stretcher that the accident was her fault.

John is talking to some of the lads on probation. Danny comes up. There is a scream from below and the engine falls to the floor. John looks accusingly at Danny.

Sunny asks Amy about the tour of the maternity ward. She tries to put him off coming. She tells Duffy she wished someone else had volunteered. Duffy says, “At least he’s keen. I couldn’t get Andrew anywhere near a class.” Max talks to Duffy and tells her that Frank has upset his mother; she’s been on the phone to him all morning – “It’s like we never split up.”

Penny brings in Mr. Taylor. Duffy asks her if she’s all right. Penny tells her what happened. Duffy asks where Josh is.

The police at the scene are asking Josh what happened. Someone said that the lights weren’t on green, and they think Penny was driving recklessly.

John is angry with Danny for leaving Jo on her own, and blames him for what happened. Jo tries to say it was her fault but he doesn’t listen. Danny says he wanted a word in private. He tells Jo to get on with the paint stripping.

Mr. Kirby arrives in reception. He says he is expected but has no letter from his GP.

Duffy tells Lee that it needn’t be his last day. Sam jokingly complains about putting up with him, then says that at least Lee will be able to afford a decent Christmas present for him now.

Mr. Taylor is taken to resusc to try to improve his breathing. He gets worse as Max arrives.

Danny tells John that he and Angela want to get married. He says he wants John’s blessing. John says they won’t get his blessing and he doesn’t get to marry Angela. Danny says he’s serious about her. John thinks Danny isn’t good enough for her; Danny says he’s not the same kid who arrived there five years ago. He says he loves Angela; John says it’s not enough.

Mr. Taylor is improving. Penny is relieved.Damon and Chris arrive at the garage and go in to see Jo.

Chris asks for his bracelet back so he can give it to someone else. She tells them to get lost and makes out that she and Danny are together. They start trying to deck in his car; Jo tries to stop them. Angela arrives and tries to help her. She knocks Chris over and he falls onto a car, cutting his arm on the engine. Damon picks up the pot of paint stripper. Angela tries to stop him; he knocks her over and she gets stripper on her face. Danny and John arrive and the lads run.

Duffy asks Max about Frank. He says that apparently Frank has run off again and taken some of Joan’s jewellery.

Mr. Kirby says that Mr. Roberts said he’d be dealt with swiftly. Duffy takes him through.

Penny tells Josh she was sure the light was green. He tells her to forget it; she says she can’t.

Duffy calls the surgical ward; she is told that James Roberts doesn’t have time to speak to her. She tells George that Mr. Kirby claims to be referred by Mr. Roberts but that there is no record of him. George says that it’s happened before; she thinks that Roberts is trying to get private patients in through the back door. Amy tells Mark that Pam is here to see him.

Penny and Josh arrive at the garage to see to Angela and Jo (who’s hurt her ankle). Danny is angry and says he’ll kill them. John tells him to shut up. He won’t letDanny go in the ambulance with Angela.

Duffy talks to Mr. Kirby and says that George was right.

Sam asks Mark if they can clear the air; he says he doesn’t want him to think he suspects him of stealing the drugs. Mark takes this the wrong way; Lee comes and tells him to give Sam a break.

Pam comes through and Mark tells her he’ll see her in the canteen. She says they have got something to sort out.

James Roberts arrives in A&E. Duffy tells him that Mr. Kirby said he was advised to come to A&E. She says she’s not happy about it; he says she’s being unreasonable. Mark interferes and he goes, saying he’ll be with Max if she wants to continue the discussion. Duffy tells Mark she didn’t need his help.

Chris shows Damon his arm, and they decide they should get it checked out.

Sean is examining Angela’s burns. He says they’re not as bad as they look. She asks how bad it is.

Mark and Pam are in the canteen. She wants a kiss but he won’t kiss her because he’s at work. He thinks she’s on something; she says only vitamins.

Steve tells Josh he’s going to sue. Tina tells him Penny went up to the ward with Mr. Taylor. Charlie arrives, asking, “Any idea why there’s a 10 foot fir tree blocking my parking space?” Sunny says he’ll move it; Charlie asks him to move his car from the street. He goes to his office with Duffy, and she tells him what’s been happening: there’s a bed crisis, a deskful of admin and a raging consultant. She tells him about the missing drugs.

Mark tells Pam that people are pointing their finger at him, and she realises they think he’s getting them for her. She’s angry with him and says the two months they’ve been going out is to long.

Josh talks to Steve. He tells him he doesn’t want to lose a good partner just because he thinks it’s funny to kick up a fuss. Steve says his light was on green – it was on amber as he was approaching. Josh makes sure light was amber on approach.

Mark asks Pam if they can go somewhere special tonight so he can make it up to her. She says he sounds like Tony, but at least she knew where she was with him. She asks Mark what he wants and says that he hasn’t got the bottle to finish it. Mark doesn’t deny that he wants to. She kisses him on the cheek and says, “Bye, Mark.”

Charlie tells Duffy he’ll have to interview everybody. Max comes in and tells Charlie they’ve got a meeting with admin. He gives Duffy a bag of sweet shrimps to say thanks for listening. She asks him about Roberts; Max says he won’t make a complaint and he won’t use A&E as an outpatients’ again while her team’s on. Duffy thanks him. She then offers Charlie a sweet; he refuses.

Danny arrives in A&E. He goes up to John and tells him he’s locked the garage. He wants to see Angela; John isn’t sure but then agrees. Sean is looking at Angela’s eyes. They come in and Danny is shocked at her appearance and doesn’t say anything. John pushes him out and tells him to leave her alone – he says Danny doesn’t love her.

Josh goes out to Penny, who’s sitting on a bench. He tells her the joyriders’ lights were on red; it wasn’t her fault. He says the lights were on amber as they approached, not red and amber, so they would have gone to red by the time the lads went through. A car arrives, and Josh goes up to the guys as they get out. He gives them some money. Penny watches them.

Duffy and Mark are looking at Chris’s arm; Sam is there. Mark tells her that Pam’s had enough and looks at Sam. They ask Chris if there’s something on his arm; it’s on his clothes too; Mark says it’s like some kind of solvent.

Charlie tells Duffy he’s off to the admin meeting. Mark asks him if he knows about the missing drugs and where the finger’s pointing. Charlie says he doesn’t suspect him any more than he suspects anyone else.

John sees Chris and goes up to him. He grabs him and takes him to Angela, asking if she recognises him. She tells him to stop it. Chris runs and John chases him; Damon joins Chris and they go outside, then Damon turns round to face John. He grabs a bit of steel from a skip and threatens John with it. John charges at him then grabs a bit of wood off the floor and swings at him with it. Damon holds his stomach, and John realises there’s a nail sticking out of the bit of wood.

Jo comes up to Angela. She tells her Danny will be back; she says Angela’s all he ever talks about.John brings Damon in. They take him to resusc. Sean is there and they bleep George from the canteen.

Penny asks Josh who the blokes were; he just says they’re some guys he met. She thanks him for going to see Chris and he says it was worth fighting for.

They are treating Damon. Mark advises Sean. Damon needs some minor operation, one that Sean has never done before. Mark asks for the equipment.

Sam is tired. Lee tells him to meet him in the staffroom in five minutes – he’s got something in his bag that will cheer him up.

Mark does the operation. Damon starts to improve as George arrives. John asks if Damon could have died; he goes faint when he’s told he could have. He recovers and says something about second chances.

Angela is crying as the ophthalmologist looks into her eyes. Danny arrives and goes in. She says he doesn’t want to be saddled with her now. He says nothing’s changed and that he loves her. They hug. John arrives and Danny says he won’t let him send him away again. John says he’ll be outside if he’s needed.

The surgeons take Damon up. Tina asks Sean out for a drink. He suggests they go to his place for something to eat. She agrees and goes. Mark asks Sean what he’s grinning at; Sean says he’s having a good day. Mark is surprised that he’s carrying on as normal with the case hanging over him. Sean asks if he expects him to give up because of one mistake. Mark says he made a mistake and the patient died. Sean says it was the doctor’s responsibility; Mark says he was the doctor. He tells Sean he trained as a doctor but didn’t finish because of what happened. Sean says Mark thought his mistake would make him a worse doctor; he thinks his mistake will make him a better one. He says he’s not ready to give up on himself.

Sam goes into the staffroom and gets Lee’s bag down. Lee comes in as he opens it. Sam finds a packet of Jaffa cakes and they laugh. Sam picks up a tub of pills from his bag and asks what Lee’s doing with them. He realises it’s Lee who’s been stealing them. Lee says he needed the money. He tells Sam to forget about it and put them back; he won’t do it again. Sam says he’s got to tell Charlie and heads towards the door. Lee says he’ll start talking about Adam, telling people he’s HIV positive. Sam comes back in and says he won’t tell anyone on one condition: that Lee walks out of there and never comes back. Lee says OK, he’ll finish the shift first. Sam says, “No, you go now.”

Sunny brings the tree in. George gives him £10 for the party; he says it’s gone up to £15 now – Charlie got a parking ticket. Lee goes past them; they ask Sam where he’s going; Sam says he’s not feeling too well. Sean says he’s going the wrong way; he calls to Lee, “This is a hospital, mate!” They all laugh except Sam, who starts crying.

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