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Cas Series

S17 E12

S17 E12 (30 Nov 02) : Gimme Shelter by Robert Scott Fraser

Episode Summary

New trainee technician, Emma Jackson joins the team. Nikki is nervous when she is partnered with her on a shift, as they are both technicians. Before they go on duty, she visits Jack and dumps him, after finding out he attacked photographer Jay. Tony and Jack also conflict when Tony hears their father bailed him out of trouble by threatening Jay.

Colette and Josh are frosty with eachother since he asked her to have a baby. Josh confides in Charlie, while she tells Simon.Nikki and Emma are called to a theatre, where scenery has fallen on to a man, Davey’s leg. He needs cannulating but the technicians are unqualified to carry out the procedure. Nikki rings both Finn and Simon for help and tries to get a medical team, but to no avail. With Davey’s health fading fast, Nikki takes it on herself to carry out the cannulation. Josh eventually arrives on bike, and is unimpressed that Nikki has carried out the procedure although it has saved his life. He covers for her to Charlie, but warns her not to do the same thing again.

Brendan Collins comes in with his wife, Liz, after scalding his arm. Lara treats him, and overhears him blaming Liz for his arm and threatening to hit her. Lara questions Liz, who shouts back at her, and after Lara reports it to Harry, he tells her not to get involved and discharge him. Later on Liz is brought in with head injuries, Lara is furious with Brendan. In CRASH, Harry allows Lara to treat Liz, but when she wakes, Lara has strong words with Liz when she refuses to accept her husband’s attack. Harry takes Lara aside, trying to get her to face up to her own problems but she is angry that she cannot to her job properly, quits and walks out.

A man, Jonathan, comes into reception with bleeding hands. He won’t talk, and Tony tries to get him to open up. He reveals that someone is dead. Nikki and Emma are called to a house, where they find Jonathan’s wife dead and their daughter Emily hiding under the bed. The team realise Jonathan is the culprit, but before the police catch him, he pulls a knife out on Lara. Tony talks him round, while Ryan hits him with a fire extinguisher.

Harry speaks to Lara again and tells her not to run away. Eventually she breaks down and Harry comforts her. He invites her to stay at his house with his family.


* Jonathan Scott – bleeding to hands

* Jonathan’s wife – dies at house

* Brendan Collins – arm scald

* Liz Collins – head injury

* Davy Fenton – leg injury after scenery collapses on him.

First Scene/ words

Simon walks through department and to the on-call room. He finds Lara asleep in there. He tucks her in and then goes to the staff room. Puts on eye mask and goes to sleep. Next shift, Roxy and Tony arrive together;

Tony : Have a good night last night?

Last Scene/ words

Kizzy : Come on, we always play games in this house!

Harry : Is everything alright?

Lara : Yeah, I think it will be.

Kizzy : Come on

Notable Facts

* Seeta Indrani plays paramedic Emma Jackson

* Francesca Isherwood plays Kizzy Harper

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