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Cas Series

S17 E16

S17 E16 (28 Dec 02) : Living for the Moment by Robert Scott Fraser

Episode Summary

Josh is back at work and everyone’s eager to remark what a lucky escape he’s had. In fact the only person who seems unenthusiastic about his return is Colette. Simon’s avoiding her and she’s trying to keep out of Josh’s way. When they do finally speak Colette blames a bad case of the holiday blues. Comfort and Fin, on the other hand, are still thrilled in each other’s company but Comfort insists they should still keep their relationship a secret. Fin agrees but it’s not going to be that easy, Nikki’s already caught them kissing behind the ambulance.

It’s time to move on for Lara and Jack. Lara’s moving into her new flat, and Harry for one is certainly saddened to see her leave. And Jack is getting further into his father’s web and moving into his flat. Tony’s getting increasingly concerned about Jack.

Roxy thinks her luck’s in when she gets a very attractive young student to care for. He’s anxious to be treated as soon as possible because he’s off on holiday later that day snowboarding. But tragedy strikes when Simon discovers he’s got an inoperable brain tumour. Roxy’s distraught and snaps at Dillon when he teases her about fancying the boy. Tony’s noticed how concerned Dillon is about who Roxy’s with and teases him that he’s jealous. Dillon denies it but it looks like Tony could have hit on something.

Colette finally insists that Simon speaks to her. He’s clearly anxious just to pretend the whole thing never happened but Colette won’t leave it like that. She says she’s not sure what it meant to her but she can’t just forget the whole thing. Simon doesn’t seem to appreciate what it was like for Colette at Christmas, being with Josh alone knowing what she’d done.

Simon decides what he needs to forget about his indiscretion is a night out clubbing. But first he and Colette get another chance to talk about their liaison. He says he was drunk and would just like to go back to being friends. Colette’s hurt that it seems to have meant so little to Simon. But he’s adamant that he doesn’t want to become her excuse to get out of an unhappy marriage.

Nikki is still teasing Comfort about her secret relationship with Fin but Comfort decides she’s had enough. She grabs Fin and kisses him in full view of everyone. The secret’s out. Colette though is anxious to get away from Josh and when he suggests a cosy night in, Colette says she’s out with Comfort.

Simon gives the club a try and seems to be having a pretty good time and then he spots a possible conquest. He wanders up to the bar and begins his usual pick-up banter. She seems to be more than a match for Simon though and the pair exchange witty repartee. He’s disappointed when she leaves with another man. But all is not lost, she’s left her card with contact details.

Roxy’s got herself another part-time job, she’s working three nights in a pub now. Meanwhile, Lara has a moral dilemma at work which she refers to Harry. A police officer has been giving his wife, who has Parkinson’s Disease, ecstasy. Lara is all for following procedure and reporting him but Tony wants to show them some compassion. Harry comes down on compassion’s side and says there’s no need to say anything. He comments that he did what Lara would have once.

Colette and Comfort go out for their drink and Colette finally unburdens herself. She tells Comfort that she hated every moment of Christmas alone with Josh and couldn’t wait to get away. Comfort assures her that it’ll get better but Colette’s definite. She insists she doesn’t love Josh anymore and thinks their marriage is over.

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