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Cas Series

S17 E19

S17 E19 (18 Jan 03) : Sins of the Father by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

Jack’s lying bloodied, alone and unconscious in a deserted car park – Eddie’s no-where to be seen. Finally Josh and Comfort get the call and are shocked to see it’s Jack. The police have also been called but, at the moment anyway, they seem unaware of Jack’s involvement in the heist. Eddie, on the other hand, is home free with his bag of swag safely in his hands.

The department though is feeling all loved up. Anna and Merlin take every chance to flirt and it’s clear to all they’re attracted to one another. And it becomes even clearer when Merlin has a red rose delivered to Anna. Sadly things aren’t so rosy for everyone. Dillon is still too reticent to actually make a move on Roxy. And Simon’s only interest in Colette’s marital breakdown is to establish that he’s not responsible.

Nikki is shocked to see Jack being carried into rescus’. Tony is concerned but quickly begins to wonder if Jack’s as innocent as everyone seems to think. Nikki gets pulled away on a shout but Tony promises to keep an eye on him. Tony calls Eddie who claims to be on business in London, raising Tony’s suspicions even further.

Ryan and Duffy are secretly planning their business venture. Ryan’s already secured premises and suppliers but poor Duffy’s so busy she’s seen none of it. But she does promise to write him a cheque to cover all expenses.

Meanwhile, Simon’s latest beau arrives in A&E with a sick friend. Lara’s pleased when Simon offers to take over treatment, she’s not being the easiest patient. It’s clear that Jane and her friend aren’t telling Simon everything, but what have they got to hide? Simon though is blissfully unaware, all he wants is to get closer to Jane.

Jack’s condition thankfully improves – the worst of his injuries being a dislocated shoulder. The police question him and he claims to have been jogging in the area when the car came out of no-where and hit him. His story is a little hazy and Tony suspects there’s more to it. His suspicion is heightened when a cut and bruised Eddie turns up at the hospital anxious to speak to Jack.

Liz, Jane’s sick friend, is so anxious to get back to her clients that she tries to check out. But her body thwarts her escape attempts and she collapses in reception. Jane urges her to tell Simon the truth and eventually she confesses she was diagnosed with Crohm’s Disease eight months ago.

Jack’s gran is horrified to see Eddie turn up, she clearly fears he had something to do with Jack’s condition. Eddie, as ever, shrugs her off rudely. But Roxy has better luck when she finally gets confirmation that Dillon does like her.

Liz urges Jane to be honest with Simon about who she is and give herself a real chance to be with him. She admits she wants to but says she’s scared. Liz tells her not to end up like her, an ageing high class tart! When Jane bumps into Simon outside it looks like she’s ready to tell him the truth but she just can’t bring herself to. They end up kissing and she agrees to go out to dinner later.

At last, Roxy and Dillon get closer to admitting how they really feel about each other. The pair almost end up kissing in the lift after Roxy says Dillon’s sweet. Sadly the doors open just at the wrong moment and treat Anna and Merlin to the sight of them in a clinch. Still it’s some progress …

Jack is concerned about the state of Eddie’s victim, his condition is precarious, but Eddie dismisses Jack’s concerns. He tells Jack to concentrate on himself and on saying nothing to the police. Eddie tells Jack he’s the only person the police know about and, if they suspect anything, could pin it on him. Is Eddie going to let Jack take the fall?

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