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Cas Series

S20 E14

S20 E14 (3 Dec 05) : Skin Deep by Jo O’Keefe

Episode Summary

Abs decides to come clean and confess to Guppy that he witnessed the attack. Guppy is horrified, but has other things on his mind when the racist gang step up their hate campaign by beating up his father, Jas, outside his house. When Jas is brought in, a distraught Guppy calls Harry, who is on leave, urging him to help tend to his ill father.

Bruno finds an unethical way to make some extra cash. When an old lady dies of heart failure, Bruno gives her son the name of a funeral director and gets commission from the company for doing so.

Meanwhile, Bruno, tells Ellen how to beat the new tracking system by discharging patients onscreen before they have really left. Tess confronts Bruno when she realises, leaving Bruno to make a heartfelt speech infront of his colleagues. He gets a round of applause but Tess and Maggie aren’t so impressed.

Security Guard Colin is wearing a new stab vest and asks a boy in reception to test out it’s strength. Unfortunately for him the boy stabs him in the back with a pencil – missing the vest. Staff take delight in seeing him made a patient.

Apprentice Danni is working her first day when her boss, Bill, falls whilst cutting a tree. He is left suspended from the tree with chest pains. Paramedics Comfort and Nina are called out, but their ambulance gets stuck in the mud and they are forced to walk the rest of the way. As his condition deteriorates, Nina persuades young Danni to use her skills to bring him down safely in a harness so they can treat him.

A woman, Christine, who runs a shelter is waiting in reception with her boyfriend, Geoff, when she collapses. She has high blood pressure. When Geoff collects her bag from reception, he discovers drugs in there. Christine confesses she has been highly stressed and has been using cocaine. At first angry, Geoff agrees to stand by her as long as there’s no more lies between them.

A neighbour finds a man, Matthew, collapsed in the garden and calls 999. He is reluctant to go to hospital and demands privacy due to his facial disfigurement. Left almost a recluse, his neighbour realises she hasn’t helped the situation.


* Bill Kelly – chest pains and spinal injuries.

* Mrs Chadwick – dies of heart failure.

* Christine McParland – high blood pressure due to being a cocaine user.

* Matthew Shallcross – gallstones

Notable Facts

* Madhav Sharma plays Jas Sandhu.

* Peter Silverleaf plays Colin Evans.

* Brian Bovell plays Geoff.

* After Bruno’s heartfelt speech, Tess tells him ‘Don’t give up the day job’.

* Guppy is distraught after seeing his dad brought in, ‘I should have kept my mouth shut’ he says.

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