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Cas Series

S18 E22

S18 E22 (31 Jan 04) : Emotional Rescue (Part 2) by Stephen McAteer

Episode Summary

Simon, who was hoping to escape by swimming underwater to an opening, has not reappeared. Lara leaps into the water, while Harry callously writes him off as a lost cause. After dragging Simon to the surface, she brings him round but he has no sensation in his legs. Lara has to keep both men conscious and releases a tirade of abuse to do so. When the cave rescue team reaches them, they are delirious. Lara blames Harry for the disaster, and Simon’s spinal injury means he may never walk again.

Back at the hospital, Jim is in charge but struggles to keep order when they are overrun with patients. He is not fooled when Andy turns up late and lays the blame at Nikki’s feet, claiming he saved Jim from “marrying a slag”. Jim is tipped over the edge and lashes out, knocking Andy to the floor and warning him never to come near him again. Still fuming, he refuses to listen to Nikki’s apology.

Fin has to send Comfort home drunk and is forced to finish the shift alone. His solo effort has consequences when Josh finds out he has been covering for her again. Fin lashes out by punching the side of an ambulance.

Charlie takes Louis to the department, only to realise he has not been back there since Baz died.

A former doctor, renamed the “angel of death”, is brought to the hospital from prison and asks Abs to increase her medication to a lethal amount.

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