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Cas Series

S15 E28

S15 E28 (3 Mar 01) : Lost and Found by Simon Moss

Episode Summary

The team set to work resuscitating Joe Bickman, whom Dan found in the car park. Dan, watching, asks Colette if she’s found Charlie; Colette tells him that Charlie’s too busy to talk to him at the moment, and so is she. The team manage to restart Joe’s heart, and he is taken out of resus. Patrick says well done to Dan; Dan replies that he’s glad he got him in before the doors were shut. Patrick asks if he’s going to find them some more beds; Dan says he’s going to have a word with Charlie first, and goes to look for him. Eventually he finds him and, in the middle of reception, has a go at him for closing the department without informing him. Charlie says that it was the director of nursing who closed the department, not him – it was a three-way decision. Dan complains that they didn’t inform him; Charlie protests that they couldn’t find him and Dan says he was out looking for beds, then doing CPR. Dan asks Charlie if he’s trying to make or score a point; Charlie yells, “I’m trying to work!” and walks away.

Gary Rix tries to enter the department but is stopped by Colette. He tells her that he’s got something stuck in his eye, and she offers to have a look. She can’t see anything, however. She advises him to get something from a pharmacy for the irritation, but Gary wants to see a doctor. Colette says he’ll have to go to St. Thomas’s. As he heads back to his car, he bumps into Anna Paul, who is heading the other way, and tells her that the department is closed. Anna heads towards the doors, where Josh and Penny are. Anna approaches them, asking what’s happening, and tells them that she’s a student nurse due to start working in the department. Josh introduces her to Chloe who is also waiting there. When they are able to go in, Chloe introduces Anna to Charlie. Anna is due for her induction day before she starts work. Chloe volunteers to be her mentor for the day, and Charlie agrees. Anna starts eyeing up the talent in the department, saying that she thinks Tom is cute.

Mel and Fin go to the local swimming pool where a man has fallen in the water. The lifeguard says that the man was about to dive in, but the next time he looked the man was drowning. The man was on his own so they don’t know who he is. Mel and Fin take him to the ambulance. Fin wants to take him to Holby A&E as it is only two minutes away, but the department is still closed so he is told to go to St. Thomas’s, thirty minutes away. Fin asks to talk to Charlie. He explains the situation, saying the patient will never make it to St. Thomas’s alive. Charlie asks Max is there’s room in resusc and at that minute Dan arrives, saying that he’s found a bed on ITU and two more on wards. Max gives his OK for resusc and Charlie tells Fin to bring in his patient. He tells Dan they’ll reopen to blue lights. Dan asks about the walking wounded; Charlie says OK but that he’ll close the doors again if the department gets too full. Fin’s patient is brought to Holby A&E, and as Max and Chloe examine him, they notice half a heart tattooed on his arm. He is seriously ill. Fin sees Charlie in the corridor and says that closing the department was too much; he says they should be allowed to take their patients to the nearest hospital, not the nearest one that’s open. Charlie tells Fin it’s his job to take patients to wherever ambulance control tell him. Fin objects that the patient would have died if they’d taken him to St. Thomas’s. Charlie tells Fin that clinical decisions about the department are nothing to do with him, and that he doesn’t have to justify his clinical decisions to Fin. He walks away, and Mel tells Fin there was no need for that.

Dan goes to Charlie’s office and apologises for earlier on. Charlie says Dan was the one who looked stupid, not him. Dan says that the closure of the department was premature, and it’s bad for the image of the hospital. Charlie says he’s more bothered about safety than image. Dan says Charlie should have come to speak to Dan; Charlie replies, “What, like you spoke to me about the major incident plan?” Dan asks if that’s what it’s all about, but Charlie says no. He tells Dan that if his senior colleagues chose not to involve him in the decision, that’s Dan’s problem, not his. Dan says that Charlie’s right, and that he’s going to his office for a good sulk. Later, Patrick mentions to Charlie what Dan did earlier. Charlie says well done, but Dan doesn’t believe he’s being genuine. He tells him if he’s got anything to say, put it in a memo.

Laura Baxter has come into A&E after falling whilst decorating. She has injured her arm and spilt paint all over her. She tells them that she found out that morning that she is pregnant; she’s planning a celebration with her husband Martin. She goes for an X-ray; it turns out that her arm isn’t broken but sprained. As Chloe and Anna are cleaning her up, they notice a tattoo on her arm – half a heart. Laura tells them that she and Martin have matching tattoos. Chloe realises that Martin is the man in resusc. She goes in to see them stopping resuscitating the man. His possessions have arrived from the leisure centre and there’s some ID: he is Martin Baxter. Chloe tells them that his wife is in the department. She goes to ask Laura to go to the relatives room, where the news is broken to her.

Dan asks Holly if she’s had any more problems with her stalker; Holly says no. Dan asks if he recognised the voice from the phone call. Holly immediately asks how he knew about the call, but Dan says he heard Patrick talking about it.

Amy’s childminder Kerry arrives back in A&E to pick up Milo. She asks Amy if she can pay her early as she has bills to pay. Amy gives her what she can. As Kerry and Milo leave, Josh and Penny see them and say hello to Milo. Amy complains to Colette that it’s crazy: she works all week so that she can afford to pay Kerry to look after Milo while she works all week. Kerry puts Milo into her car and sets off. Lee Freeman is in the middle of a road, picking up something that fell from the back of a trailer and moving it to the side of the road. As he is there, Kerry comes speeding along the road; she hits him and then crashes into a parked car. She sees smoke coming from the bonnet and struggles to get out of the car. She opens the back door and lifts Milo out. A few seconds later the car explodes, sending Kerry to the ground. Lee, on the ground himself, manages to get his phone out of his pocket, and dials 999. Fin and Mel are first on the scene and Lee sends them to see to Kerry; there is no sign of Milo. As Kerry is being put into the ambulance, Josh and Penny arrive. Josh realises who Kerry is, and goes to look for Milo. Milo is out of harm’s way on the other side of an embankment, but Josh can’t see him. He radios through to A&E, and explains the situation to Colette, asking her to ask Amy if Milo might have been dropped off somewhere. Amy is standing in admin and hears every word of the conversation; she starts panicking, knowing that Milo was in the car with her. Colette tries to comfort her, but Amy is inconsolable, saying that she doesn’t trust Kerry. When Kerry is brought into A&E, Amy bursts into resusc and tries to make Kerry talk, to tell her where Milo is. Colette takes her out. Later she goes to talk to Kerry again, and has a go at her because she’s fine but Milo isn’t. Eventually Josh finds Milo, and brings him into A&E. As Amy holds him, she goes up to Kerry and apologises for yelling at her like that.

Gary Rix is waiting in reception to be treated, as he thinks he has got something stuck in his eye. He goes to look at the picture board of all the staff, looking especially at Holly’s picture. Anna and Chloe call him; he recognises Anna from the car park earlier. Gary starts chatting them up as they take him to a cubicle. Holly goes to examine him, and he recognises her from the picture and calls her by her name. Holly is immediately suspicious, and isn’t convinced when he tells her that he was looking at the pictures. Gary starts chatting up Holly, and gives her his card. She talks to Chloe, Anna and Barney about her suspicions of Gary. Anna mentions that he was sent to St. Thomas’s and Holly asks why he didn’t go. As Gary is leaving, a woman comes up to him – it’s his girlfriend. Holly takes her revenge by asking Gary about dinner, and asking if he wants his card back. His girlfriend drags him away, asking what it was all about.

Colette and Josh discuss the fire in the car. Colette asks if he finds it difficult dealing with fire. Josh realises that she has found out what happened to his family, and curses the gossip in the department. Colette says it wasn’t like that and mentions that Penny’s been giving her the evil eye. She says that Penny cares a lot about him – and she’s not the only one. Colette asks if he’s all right with that, and he says yes. Penny arrives; she tells Colette that what she said earlier was out of order, and asks if she likes him. Colette says he’s a nice man; Penny asks her if she’s going to ask Josh out. Colette says she sees that as the man’s job, but Penny says that Josh isn’t likely to make the first move. She suggests that Colette does, and says she’ll tell her how.

Patrick gives Holly a lift home. He asks her if she wants him to come in with her, but she says no. She tells him the place is a tip and needs clearing up. Patrick remarks that housekeeping isn’t her style, and Holly says it will keep her mind off things. She gets out of the car and goes up her steps, waving Patrick away. Patrick leaves and she goes in. The house is clean, and there are two cups and saucers laid out in the kitchen. Scared, Holly goes out of the room and looks in the bathroom. There are candles everywhere. She runs into another room. The phone starts ringing and we see a man standing outside the house with a phone.

First Scene/words

[In resus, the team are working on Joe Bickman. Dan watches.]

Barney: Patrick….he’s in VF.

Patrick: Let’s shock him, come on Barney. Charging at 360…..

Last Scene/words

[Holly arrives home. She senses something isn’t right, and when she pushes open the bathroom door, she sees the bath full, with lit candles and rose petals. The phone begins to ring, but she’s too scared to answer it. We see a figure outside her window on a mobile phone.]

Additional cast

Laura Baxter – Suzy Cooper

Martin Baxter – Richard Bradshaw

Kerry Marshall – Julie Mullen

Gary Rix – Patrick Baladi

Claire Rourke – Linette Beaumont

Lee Freeman – Don Gilet

Andy Bellamy – Jack Murray

Joe Bickman – Winston Ellis

Lifeguard – Daniel Rabin

Guide by Alison.

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