S17 E24

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S17 E24 (22 Feb 03) : Hitting Home (Part 2) by Ann Marie di Mambro

Episode Summary

Comfort and Fin are called out to Sheila’s house and presume she has been beaten again; they are surprised to find it is Jenny who is covered by broken glass. Jenny’s father in law Bill, consoles his abusive son Ian by telling him that he hates himself more than she ever could. When Comfort confronts both men with evidence of the injuries, Bill tries to attack her. Ashamed of himself, Ian blames his parents for his actions. Realising that the violent abuse in her family has gone full circle, Sheila reports the attack to the police.

Jane is given a scare when one of her clients collapses with a heart attack and is rushed to Holby City. The client actualy turns out to be an NHS insectpr due to assess the hospital later that day. After saving his life, the hospital passes the inspection. Simon visits Jane later that evening to admit he is in love with her, but is not willing to share her anymore, which leaves Jane with a decision to make.

Colette admits to Comfort that she is pregnant but, when Duffy returns to the department as an agency nurse, things are tense between them and it is clear that she is struggling to deal with her secret.

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