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Cas Series

S19 E08

S19 E8 (23 Oct 04) : Three’s A Crowd by David Robertson

Episode Summary

New doctor Guppy, fresh out of medical school and keen to make a good impression, enjoys an eventful first day in Casualty when Abs plays a joke on him – telling him lies about all the staff, including that Harry is deaf in one ear and Tess is an alcoholic. Guppy finds out that Abs is lying when he confronts Tess about her drinking.

Luke cannot take his mind off Kate and goes to her house to see her. Her face is covered in bruises and he talks her into letting him in to attend to them. Once inside he persuades her to come and stay at the safety of his house. Her boyfriend turns up as they are escaping but they manage to get away in Luke’s car.

Abs speaks to Nina, telling her how much he likes her and that she misunderstood the situation with Ellen. Nina replies that if they are to stand a chance together he must tell Ellen to move out. When Abs tells Ellen the news she says that her work visa is running out and she will soon be deported to back her father in the Ukraine.

Fin is still missing and Comfort is frantic with worry. When a patient leaves his jacket in Josh’s ambulance he finds Fin’s penknife in a pocket; the boy says he found it near the railway line. Comfort overhears Josh telling the police and insists that they go there.

A number of police cars arrive at the scene with Selena in tow, who tells Comfort they have found a body that matches Fin’s description.

Screencaps : S19 E8

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