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Cas Series

S16 E13

S16 E13 (8 Dec 01) : Someone to Watch Over Me by Ann Marie di Mambro

Episode Summary

Anna rushes home after being beaten up by Lenny. Chloe fees guilty but urges her not to call the police. Anna turns up for work, but during shift collapses after hemorrhaging, and is treated in Resus. Charlie calls Chloe in, who confirms Anna’s story that she fell down some stairs. Chloe argues with boyfriend Jason and he takes her to see his real business – a warehouse full of cigarettes and alcohol.

A disheartened Max comes in to see Charlie and collect some things from his office. Charlie, becomes frustrated with Jan, and she walks out on him, when she thinks their personal and work lives are conflicting. An old colleague, Susan Crown, of Duffy’s, causes a stir when she refuses to help out in certain A&E procedures. She also tries to persuade Duffy to do agency nursing.

Dillon, working a night shift as a Samaritan, takes a call from a student, Luke Cunningham, who wishes to take his own life. Dillon carries on talking to him, and calls an ambulance when he admits that he has taken pills. Because of this, Dillon is late for his shift at A&E, Charlie has a go at him and tells him to keep his nursing first priority. Luke is saved in CRASH, and his father, Mark, comes to see him. Luke tried to take his life, because of the pressures of his medicine degree and his father’s overbearing attitude – Dillon advises him to do what he wants to. Mark threatens Colette in the relatives room, before Josh steps in.

An embarrassed DJ, Edward Matthews comes in after getting his penis caught in his trouser zip. While treating him they also discover he has severe deafness from constant loud music. Jack, realising who he is, tries to give him a demo tape, which does not go down well with Edward.

Josh proposes to Colette outside A&E, she says yes.


* Luke Cunningham – student who overdoses on pills

* Edward Matthews – DJ with trouser zip caught and also deafness

* Anna Paul – collapses after being beaten by Lenny.

First Scene/ words

Anna’s flat – Anna runs in, and turns on light, she has blood over her face/ Student Luke is taken pills and types a suicide note on computer/ In A&E;

Sister : (picks up phone) It’s for you Chloe

Chloe : Hello? Anna, Anna, listen just calm down, where are you?

Last Scene/ words

Outside A&E;

Colette : Do you love me?

Josh : Yeah

Colette : Married when?

Josh : Now! Soon

Colette : How soon?

Josh : Before Christmas

Colette : That soon!

Ambulance Radio : 3018, respond to a 999 call, male collapse, 25..

Colette : Josh..

Nikki : Are you coming Josh?

Josh : Yep got it (gets into ambulance, as he drives off, Colette shouts out)

Colette : Yes!

Notable Facts

* John Bowler plays Mark Cunningham

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