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Cas Series

S13 E05

S13 E5 (26 Sep 98) : Toys and Boys by Tony Basgallop

Episode Summary

Charlie asks Eve if they can go through some rotas. Charlie is going away, and Eve will take his place on the interview panel.

Chloe tells Tina that Pat (PC Garrett) asked her to set up his mate. Tina is unsure, but she hasn’t got anyone at the moment. Chloe goes, and Sean asks Tina if Chloe is still seeing the policeman.

A boy (Harry) is playing with a toy gun in a toyshop while his mum is talking to the shopkeeper. A girl points a gun at him and they start to play together. Harry knocks a game over. His mum clears up the mess than pays for a game. Harry doen’t want to leave but when she threatens to tell his father he puts the gun down and leaves. The girl leaves just after them, and the alarm sounds. The girl runs out of the shop and into the road. A car swerves to avoid her. Harry’s mum runs out to try to save her, but another car speeds towards them.

Charlie is on the phone in his office. Duffy comes in and he tells her he’s booking a table for himself and Baz at a restaurant that evening. She suggests that a bottle of wine and an early night may be better, and goes on about the problems with restaurants. Charlie puts the phone down and asks if she has any more tips on seducing his wife.

Sam is treating a girl who lives on the streets and was attacked by a man from whom she begged a cigarette. Eve comes in and the girl recognises her and speaks to her, but Eve just says hello and goes.

Josh and Penny arrive at the scene of the RTA. There is a pool of blood around Harry’s mum’s head. The girl is also injured. Harry is watching his mum, with a WPC at his side, who assumes the girl is his sister.

Eve talks to the homeless girl and asks what happened to her. The girl reveals that Eve does voluntary work at a shelter for the homeless. Eve apologises for ignoring her before. The girl asks if Eve can get her a bed for the night in the hospital, but Eve says she can’t.

A man (Jack Turvey) is running through the streets, chased by a group of men. Inside a cafe, a young man (Terry) is talking to his girlfriend (Josephine) about proving his love for her. Jack Turvey runs through the cafe, followed by the others. He is cornered inside a building, and we find out that he owes money to the others. They drag him out. He leans against some railings and they push him over the edge to the floor below.

Harry’s mum and the girl are brought into resus. In reception, the WPC tries to get Harry to talk. She picks up Harry’s game and suggests that they play it, but then sees that the game is “Operation” and puts it away. Charlie leads them to the relatives’ room to wait for his dad.

Adam Osman drops his drink in reception. He tries to clear it up and sees Harry’s game on a chair. He gives it to Amy, who looks interested.

Penny and Josh reach Jack Turvey. They move the clothes from round his neck so they can put a collar on, and reveal a dog collar. He says that he has to get home to his wife. He wants to tell her to get out of the house. The men who were chasing him arrive at the vicarage and push past his wife to get in. They deck the place in.

In the relatives’ room, Charlie is trying to guess Harry’s name in an effort to make him speak. Harry is looking at the floor and Charlie says he lost some money down there. Harry talks at last, and tells them his name. He is very polite. He tells them that his dad is at a football match as a linesman – or assistant referee, as Harry insists on calling it.

In resus, Sean interferes with George and Max as they treat Harry’s mum. She gets worse and they have to perform cardiac massage. Sean wants to carry on but George and Max tell him it’s pointless and he eventually agrees to stop.

Harry’s dad (Mike Price) arrives in A&E. Charlie says he’ll fetch George. Mr. Price asks Harry what happened, and Harry tells him that his mum ran out into the road to help a girl. Charlie returns with George. As soon as Charlie asks Harry to come outside with him, Mr. Price knows that his wife is dead. He says that Harry has to stay. Max tells Mr. Price that his daughter’s OK and he tells them that he has no daughter. Harry says that his mum just ran out to save the girl, and his dad blames him for letting her. Harry runs out.

Jack is brought into A&E; he wants to go home. He tells Eve and Sam that he was pushed, and he says he doesn’t want X-rays.

Chloe takes Tina to a cubicle to let her treat a supposedly cute cyclist with an injured bum. Tina is not too keen, but she takes over from Chloe. Harry walks past the cubicles. Tina speaks to and has a joke with the cyclist.

Harry comes into resus, which is empty. He pulls back the curtains around his mum’s body. George comes in and takes him out.

Amy is playing with “Operation”. Josh sees her and nicks it while she is busy with a patient.

Tina asks the cyclist if he likes Chloe; he says Tina’s more his type. He tries to grab her and Tina runs out.Terry is climbing on the railings of a motorway bridge, leaning down to do graffitti on it. He moves up, but then sprays paint in his eyes. He falls to the other side, dangling over the motorway, but with his girlfriend’s help he gets back up and over. He tells her he’s lt her down because he didn’t finish the message “Terry loves Josephine”.

Chloe brings a bottle of iodine to the cyclist’s cubicle. She closes the curtain and we hear him cry out loud.

There is a buzzing noise from inside a cubicle, and Charlie pulls the curtain back. Josh and Duffy are playing with “Operation”.

Mr. Price asks to see his wife. George isn’t sure if it’s a good idea because of her head injuries, but he says he doesn’t care. He asks why she ran out for a girl she didn’t know, who the girl is, why she couldn’t cross the road properly. He asks Harry how to cross the road to demonstrate that any child can learn it, and Harry recites it perfectly. George comes out of the room and Charlie tells her that the girl is in care.

Terry and Josephine come into reception. As Amy is taking the details a woman (Karen) comes in and interferes, saying she’s having a heart attack (it’s obvious that she isn’t). Josephine wants to pick a fight with her, but Amy stops them.

Josh and Sean are betting on “Operation”. Charlie comes in to get Sean, and says he’ll bin the game if he sees it again. Chloe comes in, and Tina tells her she didn’t need her to to that to the cyclist – she can take care of herself.

Max tells Eve that Jack Turvey has tumours.Sean is with Karen. He tells her there’s nothing wrong with her, but she doesn’t believe him. She says that maybe she has a brain tumour, and asks for a second opinion. He comes out of the cubicle and makes a bigger bet with Josh about “Operation”. Charlie asks Josh why he’s spending so much time doing nothing.

Charlie is treating Terry, and finds out what he was doing to get paint in his eyes. Charlie says he’s out of his mind. Terry says that someone like Charlie wouldn’t understand because it’s about love, passion and romance.George takes Mr. Price to see his wife, leaving Harry alone in the relatives’ room.

Jack Turvey’s wife arrives in A&E. He, meanwhile , still wants o go home. He tells Eve that he knows about the tumours, but hasn’t been getting treatment. Eve is suprised at this. He says that people don’t really believe in God until there is a tragedy; with him it’s the other way round.

Charlie asks Terry if it’s really worth it to almost kill himself for Josephine. He says he doesn’t want to lose her and it’s the only thing he can do for her. Charlie says he’s selling himself short.

Max tells Sean to get rid of Karen. He tells her and she gets upset and starts throwing things at him. Charlie comes in. Sean calls her a silly cow. Charlie tries to calm her down.

Mr. Price returns to the relatives’ room to find that Harry has gone. George asks if anyone’s seen him.Terry and Josephine leave the hospital. Eve takes Jack Turvey’s wife to him and asks her why she’s refusing treatment. His wife doesn’t know what she’s talking about.Charlie asks Sean what he did to upset Karen. Sean says that she was a time waster. Charlie rebukes him for calling her names and tells him to take things more slowly.

Sam talks to Tina. She asks what’s wrong with herself, freaking when the cyclist grabbed her. Sam can’t help much but they decide to play “Operation”.

Jack’s wife asks him why he didn’t tell her about the tumour. He tells her he’s known about it for six months, but couldn’t tell her; he was waiting for a miracle but now says it won’t happen. He says he gambled £8000 to see if God would strike him dead. She tells him to let her help him.

Sean wins at “Operation” with his left hand, which was part of the deal. Josh wonders if he is left-handed. George comes in and tells Sean to grow up. Chloe comes in and asks Tina if she’s still mad at her. Tina says sorry for biting her head off, but tells her not to do it again. Outside, Sean apologises to George for disagreeing with her about Harry’s mum.

Jack Turvey and his wife have decided to go home. His wife goes to wait in reception. Eve tries to persuade him to get treatment for his tumour, and he says he will decide next week. Eve offers him a Bible, but he refuses it. Eve goes, and Harry looks in the cubicle.

Mr. Price says that Harry will come back because he’s been brought up properly. George says he thinks he’s the perfect parent. He says that Harry’s mum gives him live, he gives him discipline; he wants her back. George says that he’ll have to give Harry both now.

Harry tells Jack that he’s hiding from his dad, and that his mum died saving someone’s life. He says if only they’d gone to the shop in the afternoon she’d still be alive. Jack says that you can’t go through life saying “if..” all the time; you make hundreds of decisions each day which affect your life. Harry asks if God is meant to look out for people. Neither of them is sure, but Jack says people should look out for people, like Harry’s mum did. Harry goes back to his dad in reception. His dad hugs him, but it is really awkward. They are about to go out, when Harry remembers his game and goes to ask Amy where it is. Sam says he’ll get it.

Jack Turvey and his wife leave, laughing together. Charlie says bye to Amy, and she wishes him a good holiday. He tells Duffy he’s taking her advice about the bottle of wine and the early night. She makes a sarcastic remark about his spontaneity, laughing at him.

Harry’s dad asks about the girl and is told she’ll be fine. Sam brings Harry’s game back. Harry asks Amy to give it to the girl.

Charlie is driving along the motorway. He sees Terry finishing his graffiti. “Bloody idiot,” he says.


– Lyndsay, an about ten-year-old girl from children’s home, breaks her leg when hit by car

– Mary Price, a woman in her mid-thirties, gets hit by car when trying to save Lyndsay, dies from her injuries

– Jack Turvey, a reverend who gets pushed down balcony, has some tumours

– Mr Sparrow, a cyclist that has injured his backside while chasing with pizza delivery

– Karen Miller, has had an anxiety attack, thinking she is having a heart attack

– Terry Mills, a young man who gets paint in his eyes when trying to paint graffiti on motorway bridge

– Peta Jones, a homeless girl who has got a cut in her face, recognises Eve

First Scene/words

[Sean and Sam go to a cubicle to treat a little boy wearing a football shirt.]

Sam: So, an Everton supporter eh? Never mind… Mind you, I used to be a Wolves supporter when I was a lad, so I can hardly blame you. What about you, Dr Sean?

Sean: Yeah… I told you that wouldn’t take long. Finish that off for me, would you Sam?

Last Scene/words

[Charlie is driving in his car on the way home from work, when he sees Terry painting “Terry loves Josephine” on one of the motorway bridges. He smiles.]

Charlie: That bloody idiot.

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