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Cas Series

S13 E13

S13 E13 (21 Nov 98) : One From the Heart by Barbara Machin

Episode Summary

Charlie arrives for work, carrying a large wrapped box and a bunch of flowers. Amy tells him that someone’s asking for the triage report. A young woman (Gemma) asks about her father. A man collapses in reception. He has no pulse at first but a few seconds later there is a pulse. Then he arrests again and they take him into resusc; they are about to shock him but his heart starts again. This confuses Sean until Max arrives and finds an internal defibrillator fitted, to start the heart when it stops. While this is going on, Gemma comes in and sees her father on another trolley. She is taken out again. Her father dies. Duffy starts to go through his possessions, and shows Charlie the inside of his coat – he was a moblie pawnbroker with bags full of jewellery in his coat. Charlie goes into recapetion to tell Gemma that her father died.

Mark asks George if Tom can come to Jade’s sleepover. George asks Mark about the sleepover, hinting at whether Pam will be there.

Charlie asks Duffy if she could do the triage report – the answer is no. George tells him that Alice (the girl from the last episode) will be OK.

An old man is brought in, who collapsed. There is no cubicle free, so they have to put someone else in a corridor whil they wait for a bed.

Sam and Chloe are listing the pawnbroker’s gear. Charlie brings Gemma in. Another younger woman (Buki) comes in wanting to see him, saying that he was her step-dad. Gemma says she has no right to see him, as he wasn’t married to her mum. Gemma says he asked them to call herself, not Buki.

Sean is looking at a headline in the local paper: “Junior doc kills patient”. Tina tries to comfort him, and he tells her about the Raffertys’ civil action for negligence.

Duffy calls for Charlie’s help getting a needle into Jimmy’s arm. He says he doesn’t want needles or drugs. He was found collapsed by the docks – he is a night-watchman on a boat. He says he has no relatives. Charlie apologises for calling Duffy at home, and says that Andrew sounded stressed. She says he was hacked off and gave her grief when she came in about work intruding. Charlie says it was nothing important. She says in that case he can buy her a drink at the RCN bash tonight. Charlie had forgotten about it, he says he has to get straight off, and says, “Another time.”

Mark gives Charlie the results of some tests – he has a high cholesterol level. Mark says beer and burgers five nights a week isn’t good for him at his age, and he needs more excercise.

In resusc, Gemma wants to take her father’s things but they won’t let her. They tell her the things hve to go to his solicitor’s.

There is noise in reception and Charlie goes to see what’s going on. Katherine Hammond, an obviously mentally disturbed teenager, is making a fuss. Her father (Malcolm) is trying to restrain her. He wants them to take over so he can leave her there. Her mother (Jean) comes in and goes with Gemma. She tells them that Gemma hasn’t been taking her pills.

Buki comes bac into A&E and asks to see her step-dad. Charlie says he’s in the mortuary, which is shut now. He tells her to come back in the morning. She complains that they treated Gemma better than they treated her, and Charlie says he’ll see what he can do.

Max, with Sean, asks Charlie for a word in his office. He tells them that Eugene Rafferty’s parents are dueing the trust and are citing Sean as defendant. He talks about what Sean will have to do, but Sean wants to give up; he says all the jury will hear is that their son died.

Malcolm tries to persuade Jean to leave Katherine. Katherine runs into resusc. Charlie talks to her, and at first she listens, then says he’s asking the wrong questions. She says “Who are you?” is the right question. Sam and Charlie manage to take her back to her cubicle.Charlie tells Sunny to got to the mortuary and get Buki’s step-dad out. Sunny doesn’t want to go on his own, wothout the technician there. Charlie tells him to talk to the dead guy, saying it helps.

Katherine goes into Jimmy’s cubicle. He asks who she is, and she says that’s the right question and tries to take him with her. She knocks something over and Charlie hears the noise. He comes into the cubicle and asks her to go back. She’s talking, and he asks her about the things she’s talking about. Sam comes and takes her back. Jimmy thinks she was the angel of death.

Charlie takes Buki to see her step-dad. She says that his hair is parted on the wrong side. She brought him in to the hospital even though he didn’t want an anbulance. She was the one who called Gemma. She says he stopped taking his pills just so he could drink. She takes the ring from his finger and runs. Charlie starts to chase her, then decides to let her go. He’s out of breath, and Sunny says he needs more excercise.

Back in A&E reception, Charlie talks to Jean about Katherine. Jean says she has been in a mental hospital before but they took her out because they couldn’t bear to leave her, then she got worse and worse at home. Charlie says they have to trust the doctors.

The surgical consultant (James Roberts), another doctor (Nick Jordan) and some medical students come dwon to A&E. Roberts asks Charlie if it’s OK for the students to sit in on some exams. Charlie says, “Only if the patients agree”. He tells them that the patient they’ve come to treat should not be treated down here, then goes. Roberts tells Nick to do it here. Nick objects but Roberts insists, then leaves him to it. Charlie, with another patient, hears a moan and goes in to find Nick “shining a torch up a patient’s rear end”. He calls him outside and has a go at him. Nick blames Roberts.

Charlie asks Duffy what’s wrong. She says there has been some bullying at Peter’s school, and that Andrew says if she was at home more Peter wold be more centred, more confident and less lilely to be a victim. Charlie offers to give her more flexibility with her hours, and she complains that he’s agreeing with Andrew, and says she just wants her husband to be more of a dad.

Chloe calls Charlie as Jimmy is getting worse. They take him into resusc – they think it’s an allergy to penicillin. As they are treating him Amy comes in and tells Chloe there’s a phone call for her. Chloe says she’s busy, and Amy tells her it’s her sister and she has to speak to her. She tells her it’s bad news: her mum has died of a heart attack. Chloe runs out, and Charlie sends Tina after her. Jimmy is recovering now. Charlie goes out to Chloe and tries to comfort her, but she says that nurses try to comfort people and make a difference, but they can’t. Charlie asks if she’s talked to her dad. Tina tries to hug her but she goes.

Sam tells Charlie he’s found a bed for Jimmy. Charlie says he’ll come up with him. Jimmy asks him to call his sister. He has a fifteen-year-old envelope in his pocket with her number on it.

Mark tells George he’s really happy, and tells her to let go.

Charlie and Sam bring Jimmy up to the surgical ward. The nurse in charge (Julie Fitzjohn) complains that he’s a medical problem, not surgical. She says it’s typical of A&E, dumping their patients wherever they can. Sam spots an empty bed – the patient is sitting on the end of it, waiting for her husband to pick her up. Charlie asks Julie about the bed, and she says they can’t use it until the patient has gone home. Charlie says her husband could probably come now. Julie just says she’ll phone when the patient’s gone, then goes.

A pregnant woman (Mia Campbell) is brought in with a dislocated shoulder. Mark says he’s phoned her husband’s unit; she says he shouldn’t have bothered.

Chloe is on the phone and breaks down in tears. Charlie comes up to her and she says she couldn’t dial. She says it was her mum’s birthday yesterday but she didn’t go home or even phone. Tina says her mum knew she loved her. Charlie says he’ll call her dad and tell him she’s on her way.

Buki comes into reception and offers Charlie the ring back, saying she wants to keep out of trouble. Charlie says he’s recorded that she’s taken it, and if Gemma wants to contest that she can; he gives her the ring back. Buki tells him it’s not real, just paste – she gave it to him when she was nine.

Charlie goes into his office. Duffy is there. She asks about the triage report, and he shows it to her. He says, “Just because something’s gone wrong with you and Andrew…” “It couldn’t possibly go wrong with you,” she finishes. “Well you can’t tar us with the same brush as you and Andrew.” “It happens slowly, Charlie, like you almost don’t notice…I must be the worst person to asks for advice; besides, I;ve got far too many problems of my own to start soaking up someone else’s.” She walks out, and he says she won’t have to do it in future. Mark comes in, bringing some leaflets on healthy eating. Charlie throws it onto the desk, and it knocks his coffee over, onto the triage report.

George is examining Mia Campbell (Charlie and Duffy are there). Mia says she hasn’t been eating much recently, she doesn’t feel like it when she’s on her own. She says that her husband is away a lot. Charlie goes out, and asks Amy to try Directory Enquiries to find Jimmy’s sister.

A man comes in, carrying pizzas and a bike helmet. He asks for Charlie, who denies ordering pizza, and tells him he’s from the agency and was out getting pizza when they called. (His name is Lee Anderson). Charlie asks Sam to show him the ropes, but Sam makes an excuse and says that Tina will do it.

James Roberts comes down and complains to Charlie about him “harassing patients” and interfering with his staff. Charlie retaliates by complaining about him making Nick treat the patient in A&E. They argure and he goes.

Charlie tells Duffy he doesn’t want to argue with her. She tells him to get his own life sorted out first, and says it sounds like it’ll take longer than a weekend.Neil Campbell arrives to see his wife, but Mia doesn’t want him and he comes out of the cubicle. He tells Charlie about the problems of being apart a lot, and Charlie sympathises with him.

The psychiatric registrar comes down. She tells Malcolm and Jean that she doesn’t want to admit Katherine, but that Katherine needs to take her drugs. Malcolm wishes they would take her in. They walk out of Charlie’s office. Charlie tells the psychiatric reg that in his opinion Katherine should be taken in. She says that she would have to section her to do that, which she doesn’t want to do.Neil is with Mia again. She is accusing him of having an affair, and he denies it. She gets upset so they send him out. She tells Duffy that she knows he’s having an affair. She is getting worse and is in a lot of pain. They take her to resusc.

Katherine is making more fuss. Charlie goes in and lets her talk. Her parents come in and she stops. Lee takes her back to her cubicle. Malcolm says he’s frightened of her. The psychiatric reg says she needs to section her, which would be easier with her parents’ permission. Now Jean wants them to get her better but Malcolm doesn’t want to dump her.

Mia is now in resusc. Neil comes in and tells her that it’s not true that he’s having an affair. She believes him. Max discovers that her uterus is lying on the vena cava, cutting off the blood coming from her legs. He calls for a vascular surgeon. He says they’ll take her up to theatre and get the baby out before seeing to Mia. They take her, leaving Charlie, Duffy and Sean in resusc. Sean asks Charlie if he’ll look at his case with him, and Charlie agrees. Sean goes.

Charlie asks Duffy what’s going on. She says that she found a letter – Andrew’s still seeing the woman he had a supposed one-night stand with, after all his promises and him blaming her for Peter being bullied. She tells Charlie not to say anything, she doesn’t need good advice. He hugs her.

Amy comes in and tells Charlie his taxi has arived and also that Katherine’s father wants a word. Charlie goes to see him. He tells Malcolm that Katherine needs to get away from everything; she needs drugs and treatment to get her back. Malcolm gets up and goes to hug Jean.

Amy tells Charlie that she has found Jimmy’s sister, who will be coming to see him tmorrow. Charlie says bye to Duffy. Lee asks Sam for a drink, and Sam agrees.Charlie picks up his things from his offie. Tina comes and tells him she hasn’t finished the triage report, but that Duffy has said she will do it.

Mark asks George if she’s OK. She says he was right, she has been putting her own happiness on hold, and it’s about time she put a bit of fun back into her life.Charlie comes out – his taxi has gone. Duffy comes and asks waht he’s doing. He tells her that Amy’s getting another one but he thinks he’s missed the train. Duffy offers him a lift, but he decides to forget it, he’ll go tomorrow, he’s tired. He asks her, “Do you want to give this do a miss and I’ll buy you that drink?”

Neil comes out before she answers, and tells them it’s a boy; they are still operating on Mia but she’ll be OK. Duffy says she’s still seriously ill. He admits to the affair but says he finished it last night. A taxi full of his mates arrives, calling for him. Charlie says he should stay with her. Neil says he’ll look after her then gets into the taxi.

Duffy suggests that they go out for a meal instead of just the drink. A taxi arrives before Charlie has chance to answer and he says he thinks he could still catch the train. She agrees, telling him to go. He tries to pick up his things in a hurry, and she takes the flowers to help him. He says, “Listen, Duffy, when I get back we’ll do this properly.” He takes hold of her hand from inside the taxi, and she tells him to just go. The taxi goes, and Duffy is left still holding Baz’s flowers. Charlie turns round and looks at her as the taxi goes, then turns back, his expression changing.


Jimmy Barton – Brought in suffering heart attacks and found to have an internal defib advice fitted which shocks him back automatically with irregular rhythm.

Eddie Fisher – Brought in dead, died of a heart attack.

Kathy Hammond – Girl with manic depression running wild in the department. Eventually Sam and Charlie manage to help her.

Mia Campbell – Pregnant woman brought in after a fall having a suspected dislocated shoulder, but she turns out to have a diseccted aneurysm of the aorta and has to have an emergency caeserean.

First Scene/words

[Charlie walks into reception holding a large wrapped gift which he puts in his office.]

Last Scene/words

[Charlie gets into a taxi to go to the station ready to visit Baz and Louis. As he does, Duffy who is watching him off realises she’s holding the flowers Charlie had got for Baz. But she doesn’t stop him in time and we see Charlie in the cab turning back to look at Duffy, looking thoughtful. She turns and leaves with the flowers.]

Review by Alison & Stacey

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