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Cas Series

S18 E20

S18 E20 (17 Jan 04) : No Weddings and a Funeral by Richard Vincent

Episode Summary

It’s the day of Baz’s funeral and when the funeral is about to start Dan stakes his claim over Louis, announcing plans to take him back to Canada. At the funeral Dan is consoling Louis, while Kenneth is talking about Baz. Charlie’s overwhelming concern for Kenneth and Louis has not left him time to grieve or cry for Baz, and he desperately longs for another chance at their time together. Kenneth tries to get Charlie to grief, instead of just thinking about Louis all the time, and he says that Charlie should remember that he always was ‘the one’ to Baz. An argument ensues after Dan has said that he will take Louis back home as soon as possible. Charlie and Dan have an argument about who is more of a father to Louis and who Baz would have stayed with in the end and Dan threatens to contest custody.

Everyone is fed up of Harry bullying Lara and Tess notices that it is affecting the efficiency of the whole department. Tess suggests Lara should make it official, but Lara says she will try to talk to him. Lara then confronts Harry about his endless sniping and snide comments that contain veiled reference to her professionalism. In the showdown that follows, she accuses him of being vindictive and warns that he will be reported by Tess if matters are not resolved. He is broken and admits that he just wants them to be close again.

Nikki asks Claire for help, because she does not know what to tell Jim and she says she cannot tell him the truth. Claire ends up in trouble, when {keyword:Jim pesters Claire to tell him what has been going on with Nikki. Claire accidentally mentions Andy’s name and even though she tries to hide it, claiming that she herself has been dating someone called Andy, Jim finds out the truth about Andy and Nikki sleeping together and is stunned when he learns his own son seduced her. Claire apologises, but Jim says he is happy that he at least knows where he stands.

Fin produces a shopping receipt with proof that Comfort has been lying to him and buying more alcohol. He cannot take it any more and tells her she needs serious help, but she is adamant that she does not have a problem.

Abs faces being struck off when his earlier suggestion of marijuana as a pain alleviator comes back to haunt him; Mavis Taylor has come into the ED after overdosing. Her husband threatens to sue Abs for doing this to Mavis. Simon recommends that Abs should apologise, because that might save his career, but Abs says it is not his style. Abs tries to tell Mavis’ husband that it was not his fault that she overdosed and that cannabis might actually help her condition. The husband is not convinced, but then Mavis says none of this is Abs’ fault, after all she was the one buying and smoking the stuff. Reluctantly the husband gives up, but he threatens that if he ever finds out that Abs has been suggesting any illegal medication again, he will ruin Abs’ life.

Lara gets to treat Amy Porfit, a middle aged woman, who has injured her foot when stepping into a rabbit hole. She is a skydiver and when she finds out that Lara used to go skydiving when she was younger, she says that Lara has to continue. She gives Lara a phone number and Lara promises that she will try to get it arranged.

James Marsden is brought in with green spray paint in both his eyes after having an argument with his neighbour because of a tree that would have been in the way of his new fence. The damage is quite bad, because the paint got into his eyes at such a big pressure and they have to take him into surgery in order to maybe have a chance to save his eyes. Their neighbour is also brought in, because James hit him after getting the spray into his eyes. James’ wife is upset and has an argument with the neighbour. The argument gets the attention of the whole department and gets Lara into even more trouble with Harry, who blames her of not being able to controll her patients and their relatives. Later, the neighbour suddenly deteriorates and dies.

Kirsty Roe is a 26-year-old woman, who goes into labour when she is wandering in the forest with her husband. Nikki and Luke go there to help her, even though she does not seem to want any medical help, and they help her give birth to twins – one girl and a boy – in the middle of the forest. The girl is blue when she is born and they have to take the babies into hospital, while Kirsty has to stay in the forest with Nikki, because it would be dangerous to move her so soon after giving birth. Luke tells Kirsty’s husband that he will have to drive the ambulance into hospital, so that Luke can stay in the back with the babies and says that it will be something to tell the children about when they get older! A while later Nikki and Kirsty come in another ambulance, even though Kirsty does not want to be in hospital, saying that she hates how her newborn children are in the same room as people who are dying. Kirsty is also upset that her husband let them take the babies into hospital and after a while she runs out of the hospital with the ill baby girl. They, however, manage to catch her and later she thanks Nikki and Luke for being so fantastic and Nikki, jokingly, suggests that they should name the twins after them.

Roxy treats a young woman, who has a heart attack. When they get her heart stabilised she says that she was dying; she could see a bright light in front of her. For a while she is not sure whether she has died or not, and she even suggests that Roxy actually is an angel. Later Roxy talks to her and the woman says that she does not understand why God decided to bring someone like her back alive. She explains how she is of now use and that she has been working in a burger bar for ten years, while she actually would have liked to study archeology. Roxy recommends an open university course and says that she will make it and find time to do it; after all Roxy has made it herself, becoming a nurse even though she is a single mother. The woman realises that she has not even tried and decides to do something about it.


Mavis Taylor, a woman Abs had suggested would smoke cannabis to help her MS, has taken an overdose

Kirsty Roe gives birth in the forest and does not want to be in hospital

Amy Porfit, skydiver, stepped in a rabbit hole after landing, no extreme sports for 6 weeks

A woman who has heart problems and thinks she was about to die in resus

James Marsden, 38, has got green spray paint in both his eyes and has to go into surgery

Norman Leech, James Marsden’s neighbour, has got hit in his head, suddenly collapses and dies

First Scene/words

[Harry, Simon and Roxy are in resus with a patient]

Harry: She’s in VF, shock with 200.

Simon: Charging at 200, stand clear. Shocking! Looks like a sinus.

Harry: Now we have an output. We’re gonna need a monitor bed, please.

Last Scene/words

Claire: I’m really really sorry.

Jim: It’s good… At least I know where I stand now.

Claire: I still think that you should talk things through with Nikki though.

[Jim watches Nikki, who is standing outside resus talking and laughing with some other people.]

Jim: Oh, I will, I will.

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