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Cas Series

S10 E18

S10 E18 (13 Jan 96) : Land of Hope by Billy Hamon

Episode Summary

A middle-aged man, Ken, is suffering from a cardiac arrest at home. He is living with his daughter Zoe, who quickly calls an ambulance and he can be saved. Zoe is blaming herself for what happened, thinking it is her fault since she was the one to tell her father about her mother cheating on him. Zoe’s mother comes in with her new boyfriend, who, however, ends up dumping her when she admits that she cannot leave her daughter and Ken on their own.

A mysterious man, who calls himself Mr X, walks into reception. When Kate takes him into a cubicle, he says he might have haemorrhoids since he has been feeling a bit uncomfortable, but when she goes treat him he confesses that there is nothing wrong with him and that he only wanted to check how fast they were. He also wants to donate the hospital some money, half a million pound to be more specific. According to him he has won the lottery, but in the end his wife arrives, telling everyone that he has not won anything, he just has a wild imagination.

Rachel explains the whole story about Tim to Charlie, saying she is getting scared of what he might do. He is phoning her up to five times per night, but never saying anything on the phone. Charlie suggests talking to the Police, but she says she cannot prove anything. At the end of her shift Tim comes to talk to her, offering to stay the night at Rachel’s place so that he can prove that it is not him making those phone calls and offering to protect her.

Outside the hospital there is a demonstration against the way the trust uses its money. Laura does not know if she should cover up everything and try to polish the image of the hospital or if she should tell the press everything she knows, about the trust investing money from the funds in a company selling arms. She ends up ringing a friend of hers, a reporter on the Holby Post and telling them the full story. When she leaves work Ash asks her to marry him. She says she has to think about it, but she seems very happy.

Ayisha, a girl with Pakistanian roots, is finishing her day at school when someone jumps out of a car and hits her with a bottle in her face, causing deeps cuts on her cheek. It proves to be her own brother who did it in order to punish her for some nude photos of her in a magazine. An upset Ayisha tells Baz that she did not know the pictures would be published and that she only had them taken because she had to get some money for an abortion. Baz does not know how to handle this and when Charlie confronts her in the staff room she tells him that she is pregnant and that he is the father. A shocked Charlie asks what they are going to do, to which Baz replies that they are not going to do anything, it is her baby not his, but she promises to tell him once she has decided what to do.


* Ayisha, a Pakistanian girl who gets hit by a bottle in her face

* Ken, cardiac arrest

* Mr X, thinks he has won the lottery and wants to donate some money

First Scene/ words

There is a demonstration outside the hospital. Jude, on her way to work, gets stopped by a reporter.

Reporter: Excuse me, don’t I recognize you?

Jude: I don’t know, do you?

Reporter: You’re a union representative, aren’t you?

Jude: That’s right.

Reporter: I’m Peter Craddock from The Post. Would you like to say a few words?

Last Scene/ words

Ash and Laura are leaving at the end of the shift.

Ash: Laura, I love you, will you marry me?

Laura: I… Can….. Can I go home and curl up with a cup of choco and think about it properly?

Ash: Is that a yes?

Laura (gives Ash a kiss): It’s a very definitely maybe! (Laura enters her car) What a day!

Ash: Just give me a clue, how are you feeling?

Laura: Like I’d won the lottery!

Episode Quotes

Charlie: I’m required to officially tell you off for what you said to that reporter. You many now consider yourself to have been officially told off for what you said to that reporter.

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