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Cas Series

S10 E22

S10 E22 (10 Feb 96) : Cheatin’ Hearts by Rob Gittins

Episode Summary

Karen Knight has asked her friend Danni to go to the restaurant where her fiancé is working, so that Danni can check out if Karen’s suspicions about her fiancé having a girlfriend at work are right. Danni overhears the fiancé and a girl discussing how lucky he is over having found Karen, but then a client upsets the girl and they both go outside. Karen is sitting outside in her car and when she sees her fiancé and the girl walk together she completely loses control over herself and drives the car straight at them. Instead of knocking them over she crashes her car and gets small injuries. Her fiancé finds out about her spying on him and does not understand what is going on with her and eventually understands that they do not have a future together.

Daniel is in trouble once again. Baz gets a letter about a patient who died after Daniel had diagnosed him to have indigestion, whereas it actually had been a massive coronary. Baz explains the situation to Daniel and says that he seems to be getting far too many mistakes on his share. He seems to be taking it easily, but Jude catches him taking some antidepressants. Later, he gets angry and has an outburst in A&E, claming that there is nothing wrong with any of the patients. A worried Baz has to send him home to calm down.

Len Davies takes his family to visit his mother and his brother Barry is also there. Len is about to suggest that his family would move in there, since their house is too small and his mother’s house is too big for her. Barry, however, explains that they already have agreed that he himself is going to move in there. The others go out for a walk, leaving Barry and Len on their own in the house. Len is angry because Barry always seems to win and he pushes Barry so that he falls and gets a cut in his head. When they are in A&E to get the cut fixed, Barry tells Len about him having cancer and only a few months left to live and that Len will get the house in the end anyway.

Steve is a 17-year-old boy who tries to steal a car. When the owner of the car comes out of the car he jumps into it and drives away. Very soon he notices that there is a baby in the backseat and he panics, resulting in him crashing the car and injuring himself. He runs into an abandoned house, but on the way there he phones Michael, a friend of his who is at a workshop for young people who have been stealing cars. When Michael gets to hear about him being injured he runs to hospital and asks Matt if he has been brought in. He has not, but Michael finds out where the accident happened and to get there he steals Charlie’s car, knowing that this time he would end up in prison for it.

Michael soon finds Steve and realises that he is seriously hurt and drives him to hospital, where Charlie and Trevor are inspecting the disappeared car. Michael stops by them and asks them to help his friend, who now has gone unconscious. Steve has broken some bones and lost quite a lot of blood, but otherwise he is fine. It also turns out that one of the policemen who are investigating the stolen cars is the father of Steve. He realises that Michael, by stealing Charlie’s car, helped his son and he makes Charlie realise that he in fact does not want to sue Michael. Instead Michael will fix Charlie’s car so that it will be in a better condition than it has ever been.


* Karen Knight, 22, gets small injuries after an RTA

* Barry Davies, has cancer and onyl a few months left to live, gets a cut in his head

* Steve Kirkman, 19, chest injury after crashing a stolen car.

First Scene/words

A car, with two women inside, is stopping outside a restaurant.

Karen: It’s half past. You okay?Danni: Just give me a minute.

Last Scene/words

Baz: Oh, you’ll be needing a lift home then while that’s going on?Charlie: You offering?Baz: A lift yes, nothing more.

Notable Facts

* Charlie’s car is a a blue Volkswagen Golf, E212 LBF

Review by Karin.

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