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HC Past Series

S5 E01

s5e1S5 E1 (8 Oct 02) : Perfect Day by Anji Loman Field

Episode Summary

Owen tells Mubbs that he’s not going to be in today, but asks him to call him if there’s any problems. Lisa arrives at a farm where the woman, Jill, is about to give birth. Jill is moaning that her husband is out of the country, and nothing’s going the way she planned. Lisa realises the baby is breech, and says that they need to take her to Holby. The ambulance classes the condition as prioritised, but not an emergency, and it’s 15 miles to the nearest cab company. When Lisa refuses to drive on the grounds that it’s against the rules, Jill says she’ll drive herself. Lisa gives in eventually and drives in her new sports car.

Meanwhile, Mubbs realises that the person he’s treating is one of his old one night stand. She suggests they meet up later for a drink, and Mubbs seems keen. Danny and Diane’s relationship is not going as well, she has a go at him for not being able to get in the bathroom in the morning and he’s clearly fed up.

In a terrifying carjacking, some youths drive into the back of Lisa’s shiny new car, punch Lisa, and push pregnant Jill to the kerb, leaving Lisa and Jill stranded in a field. Lisa calls an ambulance, but has to deliver the baby. She’s worried that the baby has a breathing problem, but all seems to go well until Jill collapses. Lisa phones Mubbs who gives her advice but tells her not to carry out the procedure without proper medical equipment. Lisa’s phone battery runs out, but she carries on anyway.

Kath’s tarted herself up for a lunch date with Terry, and Danny tells her to not “snog behind the bike sheds”. In the lunch date, Kath thanks Terry for his support and suggests they meet up later. Meanwhile, Mubbs does a test for the STD that his one night stand was infected with, but tells Ben not to tell Lisa. He later discovers he’s clear, but when Lisa tries to find out who ‘Mary Jones’ (the name Mubbs did his test under) is, Ben reveals that it is in fact Mubbs.

After Jill and Lisa arrive, a confident Mubbs performs in theatre. However, he spots to notice a crucial detail and Owen is called in. Mubbs takes the blame for Lisa’s actions, which impresses Lisa. Owen has a go at Mubbs for his actions. Meanwhile Danny, fed up with Diane’s constant jabs, dumps her. She seems visably shaken, but he’s pretty determined.

Kath accidentally tells Terry that Lisa spent the money he gave her on a new sports car, which does not impress him. Later that evening, Terry and Kath are getting increasingly intimate. She kisses him, and he responds. However, he later tells her that he’s considering getting back with his wife, and he hadn’t actually got the divorce that he’d told her he had.

Lisa publically humiliates Mubbs. She has an argument with him in the locker room, in front of many other members of staff – including Owen. She realises that his being nice to her was just out of guilt, and asks him to stay away. Back at the flat, Lisa and Danny are looking forward to getting drunk and having fun, when Diane turns up. It seems like Danny won’t take her back, but eventually he does and they kiss and make-up. Lisa, however, sits by herself on the chair while Stereophonics plays in the background.


– Tara, an ex-fling of Mubbs, has a sexually transmitted disease. Mubbs is worried that she caught it from him, or that she passed it onto him, and has himself tested.

– Peter Miller, discharges himself telling Diane he needs to go to a friend’s funeral. Instead, he goes to a lonely hearts date with a woman called Heather, but collapses mid-date.

– Adele, on Keller, who has an operation on her voice box. Luckily she can still sing, as her manager CJ has a job for her. Unfortunately, it’s just for her – and not for the band that she’s in with her boyfriend Ash. Her boyfriend proposes and Adele choses to go and marry Ash, rather than launch her singing career.

First Scene/ words

Mubbs (to a patient): I’ll be with you shortly

Owen: Ah! Just the man. This should keep you busy for a couple of hours. I’ve got to see Katie, page me if you need me.

Last Scene/ words

Lisa sits by herself with a glass of wine.

Lisa: No car. No boyfriend. No life.

Turns on TV to Stereophonics ‘Have a nice day’.

Notable Facts

Adie Allen plays Jill Jenner.


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