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Cas Series

S20 E10

S20 E10 (5 Nov 05) : Big Bang Theory by Ray Brooking

Episode Summary

The staff at Holby ED are in for a busy Fireworks Night.An Asian family are brought into the department following a fire at their house caused by racist thugs. Whilst still in the department, another attack is made to the family business’ warehouse, where their son, Ajit, is seriously injured. Racists, Lee and Ben, have thrown fireworks into the building. However they are also injured when a firework goes off in Lee’s hand and Ben falls from scaffolding as they run off.

In the ED, Harry and his team manage to stablise Ajit’s condition. When Ajit’s pregnant girlfriend, Jody, arrives, it becomes clear of the racists’ intentions – she is also Ben’s sister. When Ajit’s father, Aman, finds out about Ajit’s relationship with Jody, he is also unhappy and plans to disown him. However Guppy, having experienced problems recently with his own father, tells him not to break up the family and let the racists win. Later as Guppy is treating Lee and Ben, they are racially abusive towards him. Guppy bravely tells them to leave, however Lee leaves but not before threatening him, ‘You’re dead!’

The father of the boy Josh hit at the school, Marcus O’Brien comes to confront him to hear his side of the story. He then goes away to consider his next move and at the end of shift tells Josh that they will not be taking the matter further. All the paramedics are happy for Josh except Woody, who threatens to make a complaint about Josh himself.

Bruno and Selena treat barrister Barabara Wells, who has a fractured wrist and chest bruises. She admits to having suffered years of domestic abuse but is adamant she doesn’t want to leave her husband. As she is discharged and taken home by her husband, the pair are sure they’ll see her again.

Teenager Sophie is with her friend Zac, when she is concerned she is being followed by her stalker ‘Romeo’. When she decides to confront him, he runs off but is hit by a car. In Resus, they have no ID for the man and Maggie is in need of his medical records. Kelsey finds a photograph of Sophie, with her mother’s name and phone number on the back. When her mother arrives, it is revealed she hired this man, Don Jackman, as a private detective to check up on her.

Ellen questions Harry on what he’s doing for his children for Fireworks Night. Unhappy with his answer, Ellen decides to buy food and fireworks as a surprise. Harry is overwhelmed by her genorosity.


* Namjeev Singh and her mother – smoke inhalation.

* Aman Singh – minor burns to hand.

* Ajit Singh – full thickness burns to body.

* Lee Cull – burns to hand.

* Ben Tiller – chest injury.

* Barabara Wells – fractured wrist and chest bruises.

* Don Jackman – hit by car.

Notable Facts

* Jodi Albert (Hollyoaks, Debbie) plays Jody Tiller.

* Shobu Kapoor (Eastenders, Gita) plays Namjeev Singh.

* Kika Mirylees (Bad Girls, Julie) plays Barbara Wells.

* Following Nina’s recent revelation, Abs looks unreasonably concerned when Nina compliments Kelsey ‘She’s a right laugh – she’ll be good for this place.’

* Comfort is revealed to be ‘out of the woods’ by Luke.

* Trying to persuade Aman not to give up on his son, Guppy relates to his own situation ‘I know how hard it is to live up to your father’s expectations’.

* Woody is still not happy when the parents decide not to press charges against Josh. ‘He hit a child – it can’t be ignored just because he’s Josh’.

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