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Cas Series

S7 E23

S7 E23 (20 Feb 93) : No Cause for Concern by Bryan Elsley

Episode Summary

Charlie spends the night on the sofa and turns up for work, although Duffy urges him to take the day off. Rob lands a job In General Surgery in Southampton. Maxine admits to finding nursing hard.

In a docked cargo ship, a foreign worker, Lee, is overcome with fumes when he misunderstands instructions. The overworked First Officer, Han, goes to rescue him but is also injured. Lee dies and Han is brought in with head injuries and is also found to have a previous hand injury which has now become infected. The ship’s captain, Jim, has to admit they’ve been pushed too hard.

Two youths, Dave and Andy, steal a security van, not realising it is carrying radioactive isotopes. They crash into a field, and the van explodes with Dave inside. Andy is brought in with burns. A bossy nuclear specialist arrives at A&E and urges Charlie to close the department for fear of contamination. Josh and Jane are also forced to strip and shower after being in contact with the patient. Sandra demands to leave work as she fears about the risks. Andy’s pregnant sister, Janice, arrives to see him.

Teenager, Gina brings in her baby brother, Joe, after he stops breathing from falling in the bath. She reveals to Sandra, since her mother has left home she has been left to look after him, while her father, Derek, goes out.

Charlie and Duffy discuss his recent breakdown and her good news.


* Han Dybendak – inhaled fumes and head injuries from falling at docks. Also has a previous hand injury which has become infected.

* Lee – Chinese dock worker dies from fumes.

* Joe Redland – baby, stops breathing after falling in bath.

* Dave – dies after van he is in explodes.

* Andy Bradley – head injuries and burns. Also contaminated with radioactive isotopes.

First Scene/words

Charlie has fallen asleep on his settee, and his woken in the morning and looks at his watch;

Charlie : 10 past 6? 10 past bloody 6!

Last Scene/words

Charlie : You said you’ve got some news?

Duffy : Oh yeah, right erm..

Charlie : Do I need to be sitting down for this?

Duffy : No no, there’s nothing to worry about.

Charlie : No cause for concern then?!

Duffy : No! (he smiles)

Notable Facts

* Elaine Lordan (Eastenders) plays Janice Bradley.

Screencaps : S7 E23

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