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Cas Series

S7 E17

S7 E17 (9 Jan 93) : Life in the Fast Lane by Susan Wilkins

Episode Summary

A drunk driver, Paul, jumps a set of traffic lights and ploughs into three pedestrians. Andrew Bower decides to help at the scene. Mark, who has just become a father, dies at the scene. His sister, Sara, has a broken leg, and her boyfriend, Alan, needs a chest drain. Sara is angry that Andrew could do nothing for her brother.

Paul runs away, but reappears when the ambulance arrives, claiming he was also hit and that he saw the driver flee. In casualty, where his leg is being treated, Sara recognises his face and the police arrest him.

A depressed teenager, Emily, is brought in with sickness and stomach pains. She admits to have taken an overdose of paracetomol 48 hours ago. Andrew tells her parents, Pam and Brian, her condition is likely to deteriorate.

A mother brings in her young daughter, Zoe, who has swallowed contraceptive pills. And an argument between a black man, George and a rich young woman, Caroline, about a parking space, causes him to cut his hand and a concrete block to fall on her foot.

Ash and Nikki discuss the options of her pregnancy. Simon and Charlie discuss management and at the end of shift Andrew bumps into a little boy and picks him up – not realising it’s his son.


* Paul Lawson – drunk driver, injured leg and needs an operation.

* Mark – dies at scene of RTA.

* Sara – broken leg from RTA.

* Alan – tension pneumothorax, from RTA.

* Emily Russell – overdoses on paracetomol, condition likely to deteriorate.

* Zoe – young girl swallows contraceptive pills.

* George – hand smashes car windscreen in argument.

* Caroline Cooper – concrete block falls on foot after argument with George.

First scene/words

Three people walking on road, Charlie is in pile up in traffic;

Mark : Is he great or is he great?

Sara : He is absolutely gorgeous.

Mark : I never knew a new born baby would have so much hair!

Alan : Face looked a bit scrunched up to me.

Mark : What do you mean scrunched up?

Sara : Take no notice!

Last Scene/wprds

Andrew : Oh I’ve been tackled by some men in my time but you’re a tough little fellow, aren’t you, eh?

(looks at Duffy and realises he’s just picked up his own son, Peter)

Notable facts

* Hywel Bennett plays Paul Lawson.

* Heather Tobias plays Pam Russell.

* Claire Woodgate plays Emily Russell.

* Maxine is 19 years old.

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