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Cas Series

S21 E36

S21 E36 (28 Apr 07) : Aliens by Tom Lisle & Jack Kelsey

Episode Summary

When a young muslim man, Jamil, causes panic on an aircraft by dumping a bag and fleeing, retired paramedic Josh helps Jamil’s companion, Shirin, to safety. Once off the plane, Josh has reason to believe that Jamil had a hypoglycaemic attack. Later in resus, Jamil arouses further suspicion by refusing to reveal anything to DI Moss about an ‘in our own paradise’ note that Shirin passed to him. Shirin admits to Josh that Jamil is her boyfriend and that, unbeknown to her brother Yusuf, they were planning on running away together. Josh tells Moss the real reason why Jamil was on the plane. Later, when Charlie comments on Josh’s involvement with Jamil and Shirin, Josh says that he’ll always be a paramedic and that he’ll withdraw his resignation.

Having been avoiding Nathan, Selena finally informs him that she’s pregnant. When Nathan questions whether the baby’s his and asks Selena if she plans on keeping it, a hurt Selena retorts that she wouldn’t want a constant reminder of him. In turn, they both agree to a termination that neither is sure they want.

Also, Alice manages to convince Sam that his mum Tess is having an affair with Abs when Sam spots them coming out of her office after what seems like a secret rendezvous.

A man, George, is forced to come clean about rats in his flat when his partner, Marie’s daughter is diagnosed with Wiel’s disease.


* Baby – Wiel’s disease.

* Jamil Khan – diabetic, fractured leg & pelvis.

* Shirin Mahmood – stomach pains.

* Gareth Meyrick – chest pains

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