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Cas Series

S21 E48

S21 E48 (4 Aug 07) : To Love You So by Gaby Chiappe

Episode Summary

Harry returns to Holby as he tours the hospital on official business with a junior health minister. But he has other things on his other mind and speaks to Selena about her recent pregnant admission. She is mortified when she realises that he thinks the baby is his and has to put the record straight. Maggie comforts Selena who tells her about the baby. Maggie encourages Selena to tell him how she feels about him despite carrying Nathan’s child and that he’d understand.

A farmer, Adam, accidentally cuts off his thumb on machinary and is brought into the department, however he is concerned for his pregnant partner, Jen, who lives a reclude and is afraid of hospitals. Having witnessed Adam being picked up by an ambulance, Jen makes her way to the hospital. In a treatment room, she wields a gun at Harry, who is with Adam. Selena calls the alarm before stepping in the room to help the situation. Through talking to Jen, Selena hints at her own feelings for Harry and Jen seems to calm down until she sees the armed police outside and lets fire. Selena is hit in the neck and is fatally wounded – there’s little Stitch and Harry can do to save her. However when informed of her preganancy, the team deliver Selena’s very premature baby girl. Nathan is shocked when he heads into resus whilst Harry is distraught at Selena’s death.

When Guppy’s own cocaine supply runs out, he tries to score some more from Stitch – but Stitch is having none of it and orders him to quit. Later, Guppy is high on cocaine and makes a potentially fatal error with a drunkard patient, Arthur, who has fallen on a kerb, by giving him the wrong medication. He later dies. Feeling responsible for Guppy’s decline, Stitch covers for him and eventually decides to resign – speeding off on his motorbike. Whilst Guppy chucks the rest of his drugs away.


* Adam Hamer – thumb cut off in machinary.

* Selena Donovan – dies after being shot. Baby girl delivered.

* Arthur – drunk falls from kerb, dies after been given wrong medication.

Notable Facts

* Seeing Maggie cuddling Selena, Stitch quips ‘Maggie and Selena – together at last! I knew it I knew it!’

* Nathan is angry to see Harry operating in theatre, until he realises the incident that has happened. Harry tells him ‘We have just delivered your daughter!’

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