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HC Past Series

3.26 Getting Even – 8/5/01

S3E26S3 E26 (8 May 01) : Getting Even by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Guy is ringing Victoria from his car (a Porsche Boxter) but all he gets is her answerphone. He leaves a message asking her to call him but she just lies in bed listening. Next to her, Alex gets up and kisses her. He asks what will happen if she tells the authorities about Guy’s addiction – she says she doesn’t care. He asks what about things between the two of them – he wonders if they’d think she was trying to get back at him after they’d split up. She laughs and says maybe she is. They kiss again.

Charlie Haylin is wheeled onto the ward in a wheelchair. Julie and Sandy make him comfortable in bed and his wife, Jane, says he had been in a fight. Charlie says nothing. As Jane leaves, he asks Julie to get her back.

[ID 572]Sam[/ID] asks if Alex is in yet – she is moaning that he didn’t turn up to Mike’s charity bash the previous night. Alex arrives and says he forgot. Sam takes some of Charlie’s history. Julie apologises that she wasn’t able to catch up with Jane. Sam wonders if Charlie’s repaired heart valve is leaking.

Victoria leaves a message on Alex’s answerphone – he has left his watch. She also asks if he wants to see her again that night. Sam’s bell rings – she goes to answer. It’s Guy. Victoria says she won’t let him in, but he persists and she comes down to the front door of her block of flats.

Looking around, Guy sees Miranda watching Victoria from across the other side of the harbour, but doesn’t recognise her. Victoria tells him to go away, pushing him back. He denies her – he thinks a kiss will change her mind but she pushes him back and slams the door in his face. He steps back and looks up at her balcony. Miranda is still watching.

Steve asks Keri how the night shift went. She has just admitted Eddie Caracen – a baby with meningococcyl septicaemia. His parents are flying back from Germany. Keri rings the public health department about Eddie.

A teenage boy is wheeled onto Otter by a policeman – he says the boy won’t give his name but it looks like he’s been beaten up by an adult – he asks Steve to find out his name. Steve has bought a CD – Keri assumes it’s for his wife.

Eddie’s nanny (who brought him in), Josie Gough arrives. Steve tells her the grim news.

Meyer is examining Charlie – he says he will have to replace Charlie’s valve, meaning he will be on anticoagulants for the rest of his life. Meyer believes the problems are due to the fight. Julie asks Charlie who beat him, but he merely says that “We were well matched.”

Steve finally gets the teenager’s name – he gives it as Lee Hughes. He says the fight was due to a “Difference of opinion.” He says he doesn’t want his father to know. Janice comes to examine him. He stays silent.

Outside, Janice tells Steve they need to know his age – and she asks where Victoria is.

Steve is reluctant to tell the policeman Lee’s name. He rings Victoria and leaves a message about her lateness. Eventually, Steve ‘accidentally’ lets the policeman see the name. Steve rings a bed manager – Otter is now closed to new admissions due to the meningococcyl septicaemia.

Suddenly an asian woman bursts into the ward with her ill baby, Mezzabein and her husband. Steve protests that they can’t be allowed onto the closed ward, but Keri says such an ill baby should not go back down to A&E.

Meyer, Sam and Alex continue their ward round. Alex asks to borrow Sandy’s watch and she insinuates what he was up to last night – Sam gives her a black look from behind her back. Meyer mentions that Guy Morton will be helping on an operation later that day.

Janice comes to see Mezzabein – she also has meningococcyl septicaemia. Steve protests that they cannot deal with two cases of it, especially a doctor down – Janice orders for a locum SHO to come.

Eddie’s mum and dad, Katie and Bill, arrive – Steve tells them they cannot go in to see their baby without protective clothing and they are shocked to see him (through a window) so helpless. Bill demands to see a doctor. Josie apologises, saying there was no way she could have known, Bill says Eddie should have come in the previous night.

Janice is injecting Mezzabein – her parents protest she is hurting her and Janice explains what is going on – that Mezzabein could die, or there could be permanent damage. Steve says the children need to go to an intensive care unit, which they do not have, so the babies will have to be taken elsewhere by a retrieval team. Janice asks again where Victoria is.

Steve tells Bill about Mezzabein – Bill is incredulous that there is only one doctor. Katie cries – she wishes she’d been there.

Charlie tells Sam he’s still in a bad way. Sandy tells Sam it “Wouldn’t have been anyone special – never is with him.”

Steve talks to Lee – he still won’t tell him what happened. He takes him off for an X-ray. The policeman asks why he gave the address of Barry Hughes – his biological father who he hasn’t spoken to in years. Lee becomes angry that his details were given away. The policeman says Charlie and Jane Haylin (Charlie being upstairs on Darwin) reported a Lee Haylin missing – he asks if that was Lee. Lee says he was adopted by Charlie and Jane.

Keri tries to reassure Bill and Katie. Katie complains that she is just Bill’s arm candy on business trips. Keri says the retrieval team will be 4/5 hours. Bill is angry that there is still no doctor.

By chance, Jane spots Lee in a corridor. She calls to him, but he ignores her.

Bill tells Josie to go home, even though she protests she wants to stay. Katie says she wants everything to change after this – she doesn’t want to be a “social prop” anymore.

The locum SHO, Dr Gupta, arrives. He says he has looked after a baby in this condition before although not in this country (he is from Pakistan). Janice tells him to take care of Eddie.

Dr Gupta arrives and Bill is immediately annoyed that they have been given an SHO – a junior doctor.

Jane finds Lee’s name on the board in Otter. Lee is trying to talk to some other kids, but they shun him. Jane finds Lee. She asks if he is alright, but he tells her to leave – he shouts and gets Steve to take her away.

Dr Gupta immediately argues with Keri about how Eddie is being treated. He is uncommunicative – even rude – to Bill and Katie. He asks them to leave so he can examine Eddie better.

Jane tells Charlie she has seen Lee – she says he looks terrible. Charlie is hurt that he gave his name as Hughes.

Steve is looking for Charlie on Darwin. He asks Alex if he knows anything about where Victoria might be – Alex says he doesn’t know. Steve spies Jasmine’s file on the desk and goes to put the CD in it. Sandy sees him and he backs off.

Steve asks Julie about Charlie – she tells him he was in a fight. He tells her about the state of Lee and tells her to phone the police.

Sandy asks Julie why Jazz is getting presents – Julie tells her to stay out of it.

As Bill and Katie re-appear, Dr Gupta drops a syringe. He says he wanted to take some blood samples and do a lumbar puncture – Keri says Dr Taylor would want it checked with her first. Dr Gubtar says there is no need but Bill insists. He asks how experienced Dr Gupta really is, to which he replies “There are good hospitals in Pakistan too.”

Mezzabein’s father leaves the room. Keri tells Janice about the lumbar puncture – Janice agrees to it but when Keri says Bill and Katie are a bit uneasy, she ask Anna the anaesthetist to go next door and take a look. Mezzabein’s father reappears and wonders about letting Mezzabein go – Mezzabein’s mother leaves the room now and he goes after her. Keri reveals they lost their first baby to a brain tumour. Janice says Gupta is a competent doctor, just a poor communicator. Janice is still angry at Victoria.

Lee is ringing for Barry, his biological father, and leaves a message asking him to call him.

Alex calls Victoria but only gets her answerphone. The camera shows her kitchen sink tap running into an empty sink.

Steve asks Lee about what happened – Lee denies all knowledge. Steve tells Lee about his own son. He asks about Barry and they go to talk.

Charlie says Barry did ten years for murder, when Lee was 5 years old. Charlie says he took Lee into car himself when he was ten. He later adopted him. Charlie says Lee saw himself as born bad. Lee had wanted to see his dad, but Charlie wouldn’t let him.

Lee says he just wanted to say hello and goodbye to Barry.

Charlie says Lee went out – with Barry and against his knowledge. He came back home very drunk and on drugs.

Lee says he told everything to Charlie. Charlie said he was going to talk to Barry’s probation officer, who would have put Barry back inside. Lee said he wouldn’t let him, but Charlie was adamant.

Charlie, now on the verge of tears, says Lee stood in his way and he didn’t know what to do.

Lee says Charlie hadn’t hit him – so he hit him first – and again, and again until Charlie finally hit back and the two were fighting like wild aminals. Lee says Charlie stopped first.

Charlie says he’d never wanted to fight Lee – he didn’t know where it would take them. Lee walked out after the fight.

Lee said he’d gone and lost himself. He wonders why Charlie couldn’t let him handle it himself.

Charlie, crying, says he lost control of himself – he didn’t know what he was doing until it was done.

Julie asks Steve what he’d found out (remember the two had been talking separately on different wards). Steve sees Charlie as the bad guy but Julie has a more objective view. She tries to talk to Steve about Jazz – warning him about what could happen to his family – but he is defensive.

Barry Hughes arrives and sees Lee. He asks what happened in the fight. Lee tells Barry bout Charlie going to his probation officer (“You need to clean up your act.”) Barry suspects Charlie of beating up Lee even though Lee says he had nothing to do with it. Barry says he isn’t worried about Lee – he just wants to be his dad. Lee says he doesn’t want to talk about things now and walks away.

Eddie is screaming as Dr Gupta tries to take the lumbar puncture. Anne has to leave so he asks Katie to keep him still. Bill looks uneasy and goes to get Janice.-In the next room, Mezzabein’s heart has stopped beating. Janice, Anne and Keri try to save her. Bill tries to talk to Janice but she asks him to wait. Mezzabein’s father asks Janice to let Mezzabein go but she says they can get her back. Her mother pleads for her to do something. Mezzabein thankfully returns to normal.

Outside, Janice complains about Victoria and says she will talk to Guy Morton later. Bill angrily complains that Dr Gupta isn’t competent.

Janice phones Victoria. Her bag is sitting untouched and the kitchen tap is still running. There is no response. Miranda arrives. She thanks Janice and Victoria – she wonders if Victoria is catching up on some sleep when Janice tells her that Victoria isn’t there. Janice offers to say she called but Miranda says “Don’t bother – maybe I’ve seen enough of her anyway.”

Anton asks Alex to stay on and observe Guy’s operation. Janice comes in and asks Guy if he knows where Victoria is – he says he doesn’t know. Janice wonders who they were when they broke up – he says he isn’t worried about her. Janice tells Meyer she will be suspended if Victoria doesn’t have a good enough explanation.

Janice comes to see Eddie. Bill complains that Dr Gupta isn’t qualified in England. When Bill and Katie leave, Janice reassures him he is doing a good job. He complains about their racist attitude, but Janice says they just need reassuring.

Bill asks if his baby is “the wrong colour” – Janice tells them that isn’t the issue and goes to see Mezzabein.

Meyer has left Alex to the operation – Guy tells him he doesn’t want him around watching over him in the later procedure.

Lee is told by Janice that he has to clear his bed. Lee says that’s OK and asks about Charlie – Steve says he’ll find out.

Alex sees Anton in the changing room. He asks what Anton thinks of Guy.

Janice tells Mezzabein’s father about being strong for Mezzabein – she thinks he shouldn’t think this will end the same way as their first baby’s life.

Katie hysterically asks for Janice. Janice decides to swap Dr Gupta around to Mezzabein.

Julie tells Charlie that they’re discharging Lee. Charlie says he can’t have his operation until he knows Lee is safe. Julie asks if he’d talk to Lee but he says he won’t – he wouldn’t know what to say. Julie says one of them should make an effort.

Lee seems worried about Charlie going in for his op – he tells Steve about how he respected him. Barry arrives and offers Lee a room for the night. He says it’s up to Lee if he wants to come with him; he just wants Lee to see he’s trying harder.

Katie sees Mezzabein’s father in the relatives’ room. He asks how Eddie is. He says Mezzabein will live – but he doesn’t know in what state. Katie feels guilty for not being there. He says it doesn’t matter what you are or where you are, it doesn’t change events – she is there now. He leaves and wishes her good luck.

Julie tells Charlie that Lee has already left – with Barry.

The retrieval team arrive – they are taking Mezzabein, to Bill’s dismay. Katie tries to tell Bill that Mezzabein is sicker – she says they can’t make up for them not being there by fighting everyone. Bill finally breaks down and cries on Katie’s shoulder. Janice tells Mezzabein’s father she has a good chance now. He says he should be strong and thanks Janice.

Lee comes back and talks to Charlie. He says he isn’t stopping. Charlie wonders if he should let people fight his battles for him. Charlie says Barry will drag Lee down to his level. Lee demands to know why he fought him – making it so he couldn’t go back to him. Charlie says Lee still sees him as a big bad authority figure that he wants to get away from. Lee finally says he is sorry that he hurt Charlie and asks him to get through the op as he still needs his help. The two hug. Charlie says he was worried that Lee was still Barry’s boy, which Lee denies.

Josie comes back, and Katie tells her what has happened. Janice says the second retrieval team is still an hour away – they should go rest. She tells Dr Gupta he did a superb job – he is not so sure. She also thanks Keri.

Sandy asks if Alex is going to see his “mystery woman.” Alex asks if she’s ever known someone for a while then seen a completely different side to them. Sam has been watching their whole exchange.

Alex phones Victoria again – there is still no response, so he says he is coming around. Janice says goodnight to him. Alex says Victoria probably had a good reason for not coming in but Janice says Victoria should have come to her about it. Alex wonders if Victoria felt she couldn’t talk to Janice.

At Victoria’s flats, she isn’t answering her doorbell. Alex sneaks in and finds her door ajar. In the kitchen, he makes a grisly find – Victoria lying in a pool of her own blood. Her face is pale and she has no pulse – she is dead.

Notable Facts

* Alex didn’t say he was with Victoria – is he ashamed? Is he still angling for Sam? Or does he just not want the whole hospital talking?

* Whodunnit? Suspect number 1 is Guy, but there’s also Miranda to consider. Or was it someone else? Suicide doesn’t seem an option, but the HC writers are going to keep us guessing.

(Will Watson)

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