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Cas Series

6.06 Something to Hide – 11/10/91

s6e6S6 E6 (11 Oct 91) : Something to Hide by Stephen Wyatt

Episode Summary

After an argument with his wife Marcia, Derek Parish takes the dog for a walk. Seconds later a car bomb explodes, seriously injuring Derek and a young woman, Judy, who was also outside. Judy, an animal rights activist, is revealed to be the bomber, who planted the bomb under a Dr Phillips car when she shows distress that the victim was not who she’d intended. Derek dies, and Duffy and Charlie agree that they should tell the police, which angers Kelly, who was taught that confidentiality should be respected.

A gay teacher, Richard, is attacked by three youths, after cruising in a gay area. A taxi takes him to A&E, where Charlie urges him to tell the police. First he has to tell his girlfriend, Suzi, about his sexual preferences. On the way out, he considers telling he police, but then walks off.

A teenager, Andrew, comes in with his mother who suspects he is faking his injuries. He says his arms go numb, and on inspection Beth suspects he has MS.

Norma is publicising her amateur dramatic play production, when two of the cast arrive at reception. The leading star, Marcus, has twisted his ankle. He is happy to still be able to perform, whereas his understudy, Ronald, is praying otherwise.

Black youths come to reception, one has injured his hand falling off a skateboard, they try to explain it to Ash in their ‘hip-hop’ language – Ash is annoyed when Jimmy intervenes to tell him what’s happened.

Trish thinks Charlie is giving her the cold shoulder and Beth is still worried about the negligence case and loses faith in her abilities.


* Derek Parish – dies in car bomb explosion – extra dural hematoma and needed a laparotomy.

* Judy Harris – planted bomb, also injured – broken ribs and tension pneumothorax.* Marcus – from Norma’s am-dram class, sprains ankle.

* Young black teenager – hurts hand after falling from skateboard.

First Scene/words

Outside – Dr Phillips parks his car outside, inside Derek’s house;

Derek : Have it your own way!

Marcia : I just said..

Derek : You just said how can I just go to Tenerife, so why do I bother to get these? I’ll take Suzi for a walk

Marcia : Don’t forget dinner!

Last Scene/words

Marcia goes out of interview room and sighs. Charlie goes to see her. Judy is wheeled towards her as she goes in the lift;

Charlie : Alright Duffy?

Duffy : Yeah.

Marcia crosses her fingers to Judy (she doesn’t realise she’s the bomber) and Judy looks away guilty.

Notable Facts

* Richard teaches at Horatio Nelson School.

* Anderson’s Towpath is the gay cruise area.

* Kelly smokes.

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