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Cas Series

S19 E36

S19 E36 (7 May 05) : A Question of Loyalty by Peter Mills

Episode Summary

Luke takes Claire to the court. She says she will tell the jury that Pete had sex with Bex even though she said no. Luke tells her she is doing the right thing. Before she goes on the stand Claire tells Pete what she is planning. He repeats his claim that this evidence is inadmissible but Claire says she knows he is lying. Pete begs Claire not to say anything, – he would not survive in prison.

Elsewhere, Bex tells Selena she is upset that her former best friend will be giving evidence. Bex cannot believe that a few months ago Selena hated her but now she is her only friend. Luke tells Selena he wishes Bex would speak to him. Selena says Bex thinks he is a traitor. On the stand, Claire reluctantly gives her evidence against Bex. A tearful Claire almost tells the truth about Pete but cannot bring herself to do it and says nothing. Outside Pete thanks her but she tells him to leave her alone – Luke walks off in disgust. The jury retire to give their verdict. Later that day Claire finds Luke drunk at his house. He tells her their relationship is over.

Tess has got the nurses wearing scrubs as she is fed up with them getting harassed by men leering at their dresses. Later, Charlie cannot find some patient records. He tells Tess he will ask Sam about it but she tells him not to. Tess speaks to Sam about the files, he asks if they are missing because of his illness. She reassures him, but he is clearly worried. Tess tells Charlie Sam destroyed the files when he was ill. Charlie cannot understand how this can have happened and clearly disapproves.

Maggie gets her exam result – she has passed.

Nina tells Abs she has a long lunch break and arranges to meet him back at the flat. Guppy tells Harry that the shower in the flat is broken. Woody tells Harry he can fix it and they go to the flat to mend it. Downstairs Nina and Abs sneak in for an hour of passion – unaware that Harry and Woody are upstairs. Harry hears a noise and thinks he is being burgled. They creep downstairs to find Nina and Abs naked on the couch.

A number of elderly people with suspected stomach pains are brought in from Everglade Nursing Home. However it turns out none of them are actually ill – one of them, Betty, tells Maggie they have staged a protest against the boss of the nursing home.

Chrissie, the driver of a minibus full of children heading to a judo competition, stops off at the hospital when she becomes breathless. She is diagnosed with suffering from a panic attack and sent on her way. However, Chrissie later crashes the minibus into a pillar. Harry questions Guppy on if he told Chrissie that she couldn’t drive whilst on the medication given to her – he is unsure until the team overhear her husband tell the coach, Dawn, that she was told. Harry reminds Guppy of the importance of writing everything in the notes. One of the children, Jess, has injured her foot. Maggie notices bruising on her back and accuses Dawn. Dawn retaliates that she has done a lot for the children.

Foreign Suli is brought in with a tetchy man, Terry, claiming to be her partner. She has a fever and they discover she has TB. Terry tries to leave the department with Suli, but only get as far as the car park before she collapses. Selena uncovers that Suli is helping policeman Terry in a Human Traffic Operation after her brother died. Selena advises Terry that Suli’s health has to come before the police investigation.


* Chrissie Williamson – panic attack. Later brought in after crashing minibus.

* Jess – leg injury from minibus crash.

* Suli – TB.

* A number of elderly people from nursing home claiming sickness including Wilfred Samuels and Betty Symes who took laxatives to have diarrhea.

First Scene/ words

Woody is running down the road;

Woody : Emergency! Out the way please! (he then proceeds to go into the bookies to place a bet!)

Last Scene/ words

Claire talks to Luke outside his flat;

Claire : Let’s talk about this when you’ve calmed down.

Luke : I don’t think so

Claire : What do you mean?

Luke : I thought I knew you and I don’t.

Claire : Luke, please!

Luke : Our relationship is over! Get out of my life!

Notable Facts

Selena tells Luke why Bex can’t talk to him, ‘She sees you as sleeping with the enemy’.

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