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HC Past Series

S8 E24

Episode Summary

Nick continues to cause trouble by working on a patient, Philip Jennssen with a cardio thoracic (CT) condition. When the patient’s condition deteriorates, Jac decides not to involve Nick again and doesn’t page him, instead involving Joseph and Connie. Nick is furious when he finds out but tries to pass the blame. Whilst Philip faces life on dialysis.

[ID 1535]Matt[/ID] and Dean both apply for the student scholarship but their lax attitude doesn’t impress Joseph.

A woman, Lynn, is brought in after collapsing at a restaurant. She has a problem with her heart valve and also has gonorrhea, which Matt blurts out to her angry husband, Dave. The medical students fail to discover she has a hole in the heart, and rush to theatre to tell Joseph who is operating on her. Needless to say, Joseph says they both won’t be considered for the scholarship.

Jez, and his sister Rainy, are doing a plant display in the hospital reception when Jez collapses. When [ID 1443]Mark[/ID] later finds a snake in one of the plants, they realise he has been bitten. When he needs an operation, Mark is not happy when Rainy confides in him that he is infact his mother and is in two minds whether to tell him or not. Chrissie is concerned by Mark’s erratic behaviour and tells him to take some time off.


* Phillip Jennssen – CT condition.

* Lynn Fearnley – heart valve problem, gonorrhea.

* Jez Carter – snake bite.

Notable Facts

* Adie Allen plays Rainy Carter.

* Ronald Pickup plays Lord Charles Byrne.

* Martin Hancock plays Reg Lund.

* It’s Jac’s birthday.

* Nic tells Jac ‘You shouldn’t pull that face – it’s very ageing!’

* Reg Lund reveals he used to be a registrar but ‘didn’t like the responsiblity’.

* Connie snaps at Nick ‘This is cardiothoracics – it used to be your field’. And as she operates on Philip – tells Nick ‘I’m sure you have better things to do than admire my handywork!’.

* ‘I hear they found a snake in there earlier,’ Nic tells Jac as he leaves the department. ‘Place is full of them’ she mutters to herself.

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