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HC Past Series

S4 E26

S4 E26 (2 Apr 02) : Birthday by Martin Jameson

Episode Summary

It’s Sam’s 30th and she’s having a party later. She’s discussing it with Chrissie when Alex walks over. He asks ‘Be where?’ Sam coldly tells him ‘No where. Nothing.’ He walks off.

Phillipa Calcut is admitted. A CT scan shows a degree of bowel obstruction – Ric tells her it could just be adhesions from the last operation – Not the pancreatic cancer rearing it’s ugly head again.

There’s an uncomfortable air between Kath and Father Michael after what happened the other day.

Cheri is 15 and 8 months pregnant. She’s been put on Otter – Which her mother is not too happy about. Her boyfriend Dean arrives. Cheri’s mum clearly disapproves of him.

An old friend of Steve’s turns up – He doesn’t know that Steve’s wife Emma passed away just before Christmas and asks how she is – Steve tells him.

Chrissie and Sam have lunch together.Ric operates on Phillipa Calcut – It seems that the cancer has returned – She has less than a week left.

Sam asks Alex to come to her party – He tells her he’s busy. Alex is in the bar when he meets Jess. They hit it off and share a drink.

Cheri goes into labour.

Alex tells Jess he’s going to go and get something to eat. Jess tells him it was nice meeting him. Alex asks her if she’s hungry. They leave together.

Sam’s party is a bit dead. Chrissie reassures her that it’ll liven up.

Jess and Alex share a cab back to hers. She teases him then invites him in. Alex doesn’t know it’s Sam’s party until he sees her – Sam doesn’t know Alex is only there because of Jess, until Jess comes over and wraps an arm around Alex.

Alex and Jess go out into the garden and talk. They then kiss. Sam sees them together from a window.

Ric and Sam lie on the bed in one of the rooms together whilst Ric smokes a joint. They kiss.

Steve argues with Craig. A fight breaks out. Craig ends up being taken to hospital.

Kath goes to see Father Michael.

Ric ends up arguing with a policeman after he believes her made a racist comment. Ric then assaults the officer when he tries to search him. Ric’s arrested.

Jess and Alex arrive outside just in time to see Ric being taken away in a police car. Alex is shocked when Jess calls after Ric with ‘Dad!’

Cheri has the baby – A girl.

Steve explains to Danny why he’s been acting the way he has all day – It’s Emma’s birthday.

Ric is put in a cell overnight.


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