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Cas Series

5.7 Say it With Flowers – 19/10/90

S5 E7 (19 Oct 90) : Say it With Flowers by Rona Munro

Episode Summary

Charlie turns up for work late, with a hangover, Megan tells him to go home. He makes his way to a pub and meets Social Worker, Lucy Watson, also drowning her sorrows. It’s Helen’s birthday, Jimmy does a whip round and gets her a present – some lingerie.

Joe Harrison locks a woman, Carrie, in a room, while he goes to A&E, with a cut on his face, and tries to charm Duffy. Meanwhile, Carrie, who has a cut hand from holding roses, breaks down the door and leaves. In the street, a passer by calls an ambulance. At casualty, Duffy notices bruises on her back, and draws on her own rape experience to advise her. Joe arrives at the end of shift, with roses for Duffy, she shows her contempt for him.

An old lady, Agnes, collapses outside her house, with her suitcase packed. Megan discovers she is carrying several thousands of pounds and doesn’t want her husband to know. Bob, arrives, as Agnes arrests and dies in CRASH. Beth gives him all her belongings.

Two model sisters, Mandy and Lizzy Trent, are at a sales promotion for chocolate when Mandy falls on her heels, off the stage and boards collapse on top of her. Her modelling days are over when Julian tells her she has lost the feeling in one arm. She admits to not wanting to be a model, but Lizzy pushed her into it and she is angry at the outcome.

A woman moans at the waiting time and then proceeds to have an epileptic fit, she is scared. After finding out Charlie is not down with flu, but hungover, Julian goes to see him at his flat. Charlie acts angrily, when he tells him he needs help. Charlie’s next visitor is Lucy, when she turns up after he left his wallet at the club, but she cuts her wrist on broken glass and is taken to casualty.

In his office, Charlie tearfully confides to Megan that he needs help. She cuddles him and says he only needed to ask.


* Joe Morrison – minicab driver, comes in with a cut face.

* Carrie Potter – cut in hand and has been raped by Joe.

* Agnes Hotley – old lady, collapses in street arrests in CRASH and dies.

* Mandy Trent – falls of stage and boards fall on top of her, dislocating shoulder and losing feeling in her arm.

* Lucy Watson – Social Worker, cuts wrist on glass.

* Mrs Smythe – epileptic fit in reception.

First Scene/words

Charlie lying in bed – woken up by the radio at 6.02/ Joe’s house;

Joe : Carrie Carrie! Just open the door a minute, come on love, I just want to talk to you (tries to open door but she has a chair against it) Carrie, you’re not doing anything stupid in there are you?

Last Scene/words

Megan : What love?

Charlie : It’s just I feel like I’m gonna need some help to get through this. (nearly in tears)

Megan : Charlie, all you had to do was ask, Charlie…. (hugs him)

Notable Facts

* Dona Croll (Adele Beckford) plays Lucy Watson.

* Mark McGann plays Joe Morrison.

* Carol Royle and Amanda Royle play Liz and Mandy Trent.

* Joe lives at Flat 3, 134 Temple Gardens.

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