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Cas Series

S9 E05

S9 E5 (15 Oct 94) : Love and Affection by Billy Hamon

Episode Summary

Staff are surprised to see Mike when he turns up on another day off. Charlie asks him how he is, to which he replies that he doesn’t know what to do with himself and feels his hurt is not getting any easier. Kate gossips to the rest of the staff about Mike’s marital problems. Later Matt puts his foot in it with Mike, who then fumes at Charlie for everyone seeming to know about his private affairs.

Two young sisters, Amy and Lucy, arrive in Holby destined to meet their idols from Take That. Lucy gets crushed when the crowd gets out of control. She has a head injury and is breathless, and at first Amy is reluctant to tell the team she suffers from cystic fibrosis because they didn’t have their parents permission to go. When her parents do arrive, their mother, Christine, is furious at Amy. But Amy retorts she wanted to do something for her sister and is fed up of always being treated second best. As Lucy’s condition deteriorates, she is taken to theatre but dies from a ruptured liver.

A couple, Ric and Brenda are having lunch with Nigel and Dawn, discussing business proposals. Brenda is noticeably anxious and cuts her hand on some glass. She is brought in, but Kate senses there is a deeper problem. They discover she has been treated before for other accidents, and Charlie questions her and her husband. Ric acts defensive, claiming he is not a wife beater and heads to her cubicle to lay down a torrent of mental abuse on her. A psychiatric is brought in to discover she is severely depressed.

A man, Partridge, comes in with chest pains and gives Rachel a scare when he forcefully grabs her arm. Adam takes over his treatment, where Partridge is convinced he has been abducted by aliens and has been impregnated. He simply has a case of shingles.


* Lucy Fairhurst – 12 year old with cystic fibrosis. Dies from a ruptured liver after being crushed in a fan crowd.

* Brenda Westbrook – cuts hand on glass but is later admitted with severe depression.

* Partridge – shingles.

First Words/ scene

Coach is going along a motorway, two girls are inside;

Lucy (reading from magazine) : Your dream date asks you to go away with him, do you a) ask your parents permission, b) politely refuse, c) throw caution to the wind and let him whisk you away to the sunset… c definitely c

Amy : What you doing?

Lucy : The quiz in Just 17, answering questions about my dream date!

Last Words/ scene

In reception, a man dressed as William Shakepseare arrives, humouring Matt after Partridge told him he met ‘Shakespeare’ when he was abuducted by aliens;

Matt (to Mike) : Some sort of busker, doing a speech or something, apparantly dropped a lighter down his codpiece! (Mike leaves department bemused)

Outside Partridge is riding his bike home, when the street lights flicker.

Notable Facts

* Rob Spendlove plays Ric Westbrook.

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