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Cas Series

S9 E06

S9 E6 (22 Oct 94) : Negative Equity by Andrew Holden

Episode Summary

Rachel has asked to not be put on triage or late nights, but feels guilty when Adam asks to go home early for his daughter’s birthday party and Kate wants the night off later in the week for her wedding anniversary.

Matt is selling 3D pictures to the staff; Rachel is again unnerved when a deranged patient, Mr Dawson, grabs one and smashes the frame over his head. A snappy Mike slams Eddie to get a full history of the man before getting a psychiatric referral, but later apologises for his temper.

Coming into work Eddie accidentally bumps into the cleaner, Jean MacKenzie. Unrelated to the incident, Jean asks her for painkillers for a severe headache. A CT scan reveals Jean to have a ruptured aneurysm in the brain. Eddie is faced with telling her the bad news, but before she gets the chance an anxious Jean had fled home. Kate suggests Eddie visit her, at first reluctant Eddie goes to her house and reveals the bad news.

Adam’s ex-wife Emma and daughter Jessica pay him a visit at the hospital instead of having a birthday party.

Rhys Proctor arrives at his friend Danny’s flat after an encounter with Philip, an old adversary. Danny and Rhys had previously been lovers until Danny ended the relationship to hook up with Sylvia. Danny leaves for work, but sees Philip on his way up to the flat, obviously looking for Rhys. When Danny reaches the flat he finds Philip has shot Rhys in the chest. Biker Josh is first to arrive at the scene, and helicopter assistance is required. Mike and Rachel attend and Mike performs a thoracotomy. Back at the hospital, Mike and Rachel confide in marital problems; Rachel being a divorcee shares her wisdom. After a talk with Rhys’ mum, Danny decides to dump Sylvia. Philip comes into the department with his injuries but Danny spots him and notifies the police. Philip runs off, pushing over Rachel – again leaving her in a state of fear.


* Jean Mackenzie – hospital cleaner with ruptured aneurysm in brain.

* Rhys Proctor – gun shot to chest.

* Philip O’Connor – hand injuries

* Mr Dawson – smashes frame over head.

First Words/ scene

A car pulls up to the Blue Moon Club, two men head in. Inside two other men, including Rhys hear a scuffle and go to investigate.

At reception, Matt shows Jude a 3D picture;

Matt : See it?

Jude : What, lots of little coloured dots?

Matt : Try and focus beyond the picture – relax!

Last Scene/ words

At reception, Rachel picks up treatment card;

Rachel : Right, Philip O’Connor? That’s a bit of a nasty cut you’ve got there, broken wrist yeah? If you’d like to come this way…

Danny comes out of relatives room and spots Philip, he goes to awaiting police.

Danny : That’s O’Connor, Philip O’Connor, he’s just round the corner, right there!

Philip overhears, pushes over Rachel and runs off, police chasing after him. Rachel picks herself up, pretends to be fine as Charlie sees her.

Notable Facts

* Colette Brown plays Emma.

* Erin Bienek plays Jessica.

* Jake Wood plays Rhys Proctor.

* Stereo MC’s song ‘Step it Up’ plays.

* Adam’s daughter Jessica is celebrating her 6th birthday.

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